Would you read this series?

I have been binging on Hallmark movies this week, while avoiding working on anything important.  One thing stood out after watching several of the movies.  All of the lead men are nice guys, with the exception of one guy who was a spoof of Mr. Darcy (the whole movie was and I loved it.).  They had normal jobs in regular towns.  Some of them were single dads, some were doting uncles, and then there were guys who were wishing for the one who got away.

So I have a plan for the series after my Curious Cat Book Club of Somerset series.  Nice Guys of Rosemont.



While the Curious Cat Book Club is going to focus on the women in the romance book club of Somerset, Ga, the Nice Guys of Rosemont is going to be focused on a group of beta wolves who create thier own pack.  They have one alpha but they are tired of the fighting and the posturing of all the alpha males who want to be the alpha of thier old packs.  They just want to have normal lives and find women to share them with.

The big question is would anyone want to read a sweet romance series about beta wolves who want to find romance but won’t knock thier women out and drag them home caveman style?

Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.

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