Shelly Ferguson

Wild At Heart – PNR Flash Fiction Group

Once a month some of my author girl friends and I pick a topic, then write a 1000 word flash fiction piece with nothing to go on but that word. Some times we even keep the stories to the 1000 word limit. I can’t tell you what the stories are about or if they will all turn into novels, but what i can tell you is they will all fall under the Paranormal Romance umbrella.

I make zero promises but I plan to base my stories in a little town I created in Tennessee called Whistler. A tiny sanctuary town that exists to support the local forest rangers, a group of fire jumpers, and every summer a shifter MC rolls through town.

I will put a link at the bottom of every story to the other authors participating that month so you can check them out as well. You never know when you will need new author in your Kindle que.

March 2021 – Getting Lucky – Lara goes to the Enchanted Cup looking for a little magic to help her through a blind date.