The Art of Being Enough

The Art of Being Enough

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I am about to get real. I know all of the experts say ‘don’t get real, your blog isn’t really about you.’ You know what? This time I am going to throw that right out the window.

For the last two years I have been working on developing a fictional world to put my stories in. I created a whole society that lives inside our normal everyday society. I have created towns, people, and everything they need in life. I have several drafts and outlines of happy little romances, and one story that I have commited to publishing first – Scarlett.

Technically Scarlett has been ready to print since last October. I have been making all kinds of excuses for not putting it up on Amazon so it could be read by strangers.

I had a realization last week when I had to cross off the calendar another publishing date that passed me by. I haven’t been putting it out there because I am afraid I am not enough.

Not smart enough, not witty enough, not pretty enough (yep my picture is going to be out there and I don’t like photos of myself), no one will read it because it is a sweet romance.

I started looking for books, podcasts, and vlogs that would help me overcome my fears and self doubt that is holding me back. I found several that I think would help anyone who is paralyzed by self doubt and fear of failure or even success.

  1. Trish Taylor – She has a Youtube, a website and books. “Why Am I Scared?” is her first book where she helps people figure out why they are scared. After I finished the book I looked up everything else. She is just awesome and realistic. This is my favorite video so far – it is a blunt look at how to accept yourself without obsessing.
  2. The Lavendaire Podcast – She has a website and a podcast that I have quickly become addicted to. It is hard to decide which one of hers has been my favorite but the latest is what motivated me to write this post. She interviewed Marisa Peer. Marisa is a therapist who developed a course “I am Enough.” Just listening to them talk today made several things click into place for me.
  3. Marissa Peer – She is a writer, speaker, and therapist. I looked up her website and classes as soon as I got home today. There is a free mini-class on her website you can listen to for “I am enough”, and several others. I have her book ordered on Amazon (a paper copy so I can take notes!)
  4. Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast – This one is going to be relevant for other authors. The show is hosted by a mother & daughter duo that have actual experience in publishing books. They present the info in a way any author can use it – fiction, nonfiction, blogger. From listening to them I realized that other people have the same issues that I do and you know what? They freaking published their books and nothing bad happened to them. They were not hunted down and mobbed by angry readers, a black hole did not appear in the floor of their office and suck them into oblivion. They published their books, made mistakes, learned from them and then went back to do it again better the next time around.
  5. Sarah Knight – I found her book “You Do You” on accident when I was looking for a book on Hygge. It was my best accident of 2019 so far. She calls her self an anit guru. Her message if for you to do you and take care of you first. She gives you permission to tell Carol from the office no I don’t want to go to lunch and hear about your 5 dogs. That it is ok if you have a quirky hobby it makes you happy you go do it. I am half way through this book and loving it. I have plans to get her others.

There are hundreds of resources for people trying to over come their fears and self doubt. This is just a short list of what I have found so far that works for me.

Today I am going to commit to 2 things.

  1. Scarlett is going to be available on Amazon with in 30 days.
  2. I am going to write a heroine who goes on this journey. Some where along the way a hunk is going to fall in love with her and reinforce that she is enough! I am not sure where in the series she is going to fit but she is coming for all of us self doubting mommas who need someone we can relate to.

Any ideas on what she should be named? Or what her profession should be? Leave a comment below! This woman is going to be my inspiration for the character. Look how gorgeous she is! How could she ever think she isn’t enough? (Disclaimer I found her picture after searching Pinterest for hours. She was on a roundup 50 Beautiful Girls with Freckles. If you know her send her my way!

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