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Tempting the Deputy

Tempting the Deputy is just awesome.  It ticks all the boxes for me: great love story, hotter than hell man, just enough drama I stay interested but not fed up, and a woman who knows her own mind and is not afraid of going after what she wants.  It is the first one in what is going to be a 12 book series.  The basic plot is the small town of Marietta and all the hunky heroes in the town who are trying to raise money to open a shelter for teens.  Enter Logan Tate aka Deputy Hard-Ass, and Charlotte Foster – Charlie to her friends.

Charlie is a wandering photographer and decides to get a bit of payback for Logan’s high handed manner in getting her off the side of the road.  After overhearing their conversation in a bar she convinces his friends to do a nude calendar to help them raise the money.  I think it was convenient that there just happens to be 12 perfectly hot guys that could pose for each month, but who am I to complain about an abundance of hotness?  There are also parts of this book that are going to make you laugh so hard you snort!  Look for the bits about waxing, I promise you will find it hilarious.

The part that I love about this book?  Charlie and Logan are both healthy adults with healthy views on having a sexual relationship with someone.  She knows what she wants and she gets it, as does he.  There is no ‘Oh if only I were sexier’, ‘Poor me I am 28 and I have never had sex’, and no man-slutting because he is a hottie.  I know those themes work in some books and that is great, but it is refreshing to find a book that has people who are normal (ish) and are fine with it.  They are so fine with it the love scenes are hot enough to melt chocolate.


My Rating: 5 Stars

I recommend it to everyone who wants a bit of humor, steamy sex, and a sweet love story.



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