Love In Somerset Series

It is based in a fictional town in North Georgia (surprise!) called Somerset.  It is a Sanctuary Town for witches, shifters, elves, and all the other magical things that go bump in the night.  There is a mayor, a school, a library, and a bunch of mom & pop shops – everything you would find in a normal small town in the South.  There are no chain businesses of any kind – no Starbucks, no McDonalds, not even a Walgreens.

Each novel will standalone with a happy ending.  There will be weddings, babies and parties.  There will be fights, drama, and a wedding planner that will drive everyone crazy before it is all over.

I have been reading romances for years and I am in several groups across Facebook and Goodreads.  I keep hearing people ask for paranormal romances that are sweeter or fade to black.  So this series will all be fade to black.  There will still be passion, and there will definitely be hot couples making out against a wall.  You just won’t find graphic sex scenes that will make you blush while you are reading them in public.  I love those books and I read at least once a week, one day I might write one. For now, they will be faders.

Scarlett – Book 1

Available NOW on Amazon!

Sophie – Book 2

Available on Amazon

Gretchen – Book 3

Juggling pregnancy, a new business, and fighting of sabatogue takes all of Gretchen’s time. You’d think she wouldn’t have time to worry about a certain dude who hasn’t called, but you would be wrong.

??? – Book 4

Psst. I know which Crazy Cat can’t wait to find her man. I would tell you but ‘Spoilers Sweetie!’

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