My first paranormal romance series is the Somerset Series.

It is based in a fictional town in North Georgia (surprise!) called Somerset.  It is a Sanctuary Town for witches, shifters, elves, and all the other magical things that go bump in the night.  There is a mayor, a school, a library, and a bunch of mom & pop shops – everything you would find in a normal small town in the South.  There is no chain businesses of any kind – no Starbucks, no McDonalds, not even a Walgreens.

Each novel will be a standalone with a happy ending.  There will be weddings, babies and parties.  There will be fights, drama, and a wedding planner that will drive everyone crazy before it is all over.

I have been reading romances for years and I am in several groups across Facebook and Goodreads.  I keep hearing people ask for paranormal romances that are sweeter or fade to black.  So this series will all be fade to black.  There will still be passion, and there will definitely be hot couples making out against a wall.  You just won’t find graphic sex scenes that will make you blush while you are reading them in public.  I love those books and I read at least one a week, one day I might write one, but for now they will be faders.

If you love books, talking about books, reading new books, and making friends over books I started an online bookclub on Facebook.  It is the Curious Cat Book Club (just like the series).  We will have a book every month that we will all read for the first two weeks of the month, then talk about for the rest of the month.


Book 1 – Scarlett

Editing:  In progress

Cover:  Made!

Planned Publish Date:  October 15, 2018

Descripton:  After landing her dream job in her dream town Scarlett’s life goes to crap.  Her room is terrorized by a lovesick gremlin, suddenly she is a man magnet – a co-worker, a rich playboy, and a town deputy all want her.  Only one of them is her fated mate she thought died ten years ago before she ever met him.  Will she be able to figure out what she really wants in life and have the courage to grab it and not let go?

These are my inspiration pictures for Scarlett & Ian.  I have no idea who these two beautiful people are, I found their pictures on Pinterest and knew they were the characters I have in my head – if you know them let me know so I can say thank you!

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