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I have been working for years to build my paranormal universe.  I have created a world where humans, witches, shifters, elves and other beings all live on Earth (and other places) knowing about each other since the dawn of time.  Sure there are those who don’t like one race or another, that is just how life is. My novels are going to be centered in the town of Somerset, Georgia.  I am not sure but the whole series might be the Somerset Chronicles.

The wonderful thing about my world is the super naturals live in society and don’t have to hide.  They can live where ever they want, have what ever job they want, serve in the military or politics.  They are just regular people with special abilities that are passed down through family lines.  Some of them live in Sanctuary Towns.  Little communities where they can be themselves without worrying about ending up on social media.  These little towns have everything they need for daily life, with the added bonus of wards to keep them safe.  They don’t allow tourists to gawk but they do let humans visit if they are respectful.

In this world Shifters are always men, witches are always women.  They all have one mate that they were born to be with.  Literally their mates are born on the same day as they are.  They grow up knowing one person out there is just for them.  Some like to date around before they find thier mates.  Some wait for thier mates and never get attached to someone else.  Then there are the unlucky ones who get rejected by thier mates.  How could the one person literally born to want you not want you?  Worse off than the rejected are those whose mates die before they ever meet.

My stories are going to start in the sanctuary town of Somerset, Georgia.  It is a little different than other sanctuaries.  It was founded in 1952 by a witch who was rejected by her mate.  She created the town for other witches who had been rejected by thier mates.  Now it is populated by Unmated couples (those who found someone to love that isn’t their fated mate) and thier children.  Over the years new people move to town looking for the same safe space to build a life that may not include a fated mate.


I have worked out the first 10 couples for my series.  Yep 10 couples are knocking on the door to my imagination demanding that thier stories be told.  I have even figured out what order they are going to happen in.  Lucky me.  The one thing that keeps holding me back is not knowing how to introduce my fictional world to my readers.  I could just jump right in and let the readers figure it out like Ilona Andrews did in the Kate Daniels series.  I could do a novella to introduce the town with a shorter story to lay the ground work.  But none of the couples want a short story – they want drama.  Then on the treadmill at the gym this morning it hit me.  I used to read a little fictional blog on Cosmopolitan Magazine’s website.  It was about a single girl dating in New York City.  I am gonna do that.

I am going to start a story series on Wattpad featuring a character from my town.  I am trying to decide between the Ada.  She is the cake decorator working in the town’s bakery- an thirty something woman who was rejected by her mate and is living her life on her own terms in the little town.  She sees everyone and is generally well liked so she would have all kinds of gossip.  The only one in town who doesn’t like her is a farmer who she turned down when she was in her 20’s.  He wanted to date and maybe get married but she wasn’t interested in him at all.

Or it could be Carly.  She works with her sister Sophie in thier aunt’s bookstore, and helps out at the art gallery.  Carly’s mate died when she was a kid.  She has gone on dates with human guys, shifters, and one vampire that lives in Atlanta.  She is in her late twenties, and friends with most of the girls who already live in town and will be getting their own stories.

What do you think?  Would you rather hear the gossip from an 30 something secretary who is getting up the nerve to date someone.  Because damn it a woman should have sex before she hits 40.  Or would you rather hear about the dates of a 28 year old who has known her whole life that she would never have her true mate and is looking for a guy she could settle for?


Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think!


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