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Scarlett West

Scarlett West

10 Nosy Questions

Describe your life in a nutshell.

Primarily, I’m a stay at home mom to a wonderful little boy, and at night when I can steal a few moments away, I chase my dream to build my career as an author. I’m one of those people who has always been a reader and a writer. I love to immerse myself in someone else’s waking dream called their book. I don’t think there is another human experience quite like it, and I hope that other people enjoy my stories as well.

Besides that I love plants and nature. I am a hobby herbalist, a dancer, and I love spending time with my family.

What book do you recommend to everyone – even those who don’t ask?

The book I recommend depends on what I’m reading. I used to want everyone to read The Unbearable Lightness of Being, by Milan Kundera. I love philosophical, searching books about the human condition and what an incredible journey it is to be human. I also love the author Jeanette Winterson as she writes about similar things.

Nowadays, I read mostly paranormal romance which is a fantastic genre. I don’t care that people disparage romance books. These novels are also deep, magical, and we find ourselves within the pages. I continue to both love to read and write books that have some deeper, gritty aspect to them. I would for sure recommend anything by JR Ward. I recently loved the book Darkfever. For Indie authors I love Lexi C. Foss and KF Breene’s books. I would also recommend those for sure!

Which of your quirks have you written into a character?

So far I haven’t really done this as a quirk. For sure both my male and female characters tend to be stubborn and headstrong, which is me for sure. Other than that they are thier own wily creatures!

Have you written someone who was rude into a book to get eternal payback?

I also have not done this either. One reason is because I don’t want to give those people that much power or space inside me or in my life. My goal with rude people is to let things go, not give them the glory of being one of my characters. HA! I think that’s better payback. Bwahahahahaha!

Which book boyfriend would you runaway with?

Too many sexy choices! But I have a couple swoony ideas. I love Bones from the Night Huntress series. He’s charismatic, intelligent, takes no shit, and I always imagine his sexy accent! Other choices could be Jericho Barrons from the Fever Series or Vishous from the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

Have you ever taken a book-cation?

I have never gone to a place specifically based on a book I read, but I certainly create settings from places I’ve been. I’ve traveled a lot and the Immortal Desire Series is based on a north eastern European country -Latvia. I love the originally many vampires were from Eastern Europe and I wanted to continue that tradition, even if Latvia is a more obscure location than Romania. Besides Latvia, other countries in the series so far are Poland, England, and Belarus. In the future I will include Italy and who knows where else!

What fandom do you geek out over?

The Men in Black kidnapped me when the fandom stuff came around. I’m currently in a small dark cave.

Does anyone in your family read your books, and if they do can they look you in the eye at Thanksgiving?

My mom reads my super steam vampire romances! She’s the first romance book reader I ever knew so of course she can look me in the eye. She loves my plots and characters.

How many more stories are rattling around in your brain trying to get out?

Oh, a ton! I just keep them secret until I’m ready to reveal them. I don’t plan on stopping writing ever. At least I hope to continue and put out better and better books as I go along. the best thing to do is sign up for my newsletter so you’ll be the first to find out when i come out with a new series. because believe me there will be more books coming!

What did you have th most fun with in your last novel?

The last novel would be my new release Awakened Darkness. I really had fun nailing Laima’s character and the journey she goes through. she must decide if life is about revienge or love.

I also enjoyed the male character, Imants. He’s such a take charge kind of guy and yet he has a snesitve side when it comes to the pain Laima has been through. I love thier dynamic! It’s sassy, tender, and hot!

Tease Us With Your New Book

Awakened Darkness will be available on October 29, 2019, but you can preorder it now!

She’ll have her revenge – even if it destroys her chance at love.

Vampire Laima is out for blood. Not to drink, to shed. This time the evil sister who has ruined her life againand again has gone too far when she puts a curse on Laima’s grandson. now the hunt is on, and Laima won’t rest until her sister is dead.

There’s just one problem. she can’t do it alone, and her coven can’t find out. so she turns to her more than a friend Imants to help her get revenge.

But Imants has trouble of his own. with his missing daughter sold into sex trafficking he must find her before she winds up dead or forever lost. As much as he wants to help Laima, he must convince her that killing her sister will forever doom her to darkness. When she abandons her quest to help him he hopes the fire between them might be enough to change her mind.

Then her coven issues Imants a three day order to turn in Laima or face deadly consequences. With life and love hanging in the balance as they battle death. Laima must make her final choice a life with Imants or the revenge that means an eternity in darkness.

Fans of Bella Forrest and Dannika Dark are going to love this seductive and heart stopping paranormal romance novel. This hot paranormal vampire romance will delight readers who enjoyed A Shade of Vampire and Keystone.

How to Stalk Follow Her

I’m having a giveaway from OCT 28th – Nov 28th so I suggest you follow me when the giveaway starts so you can try to win! I’m giving away a $10 Amazon gift card and an e-book copy of each of the books from the Immortal Desire Series to one lucky winner.










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