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I am not going to lie. I may have read Pavo once, then again the next day just to make sure I had fully appreciated every bit of the story. Any writer who can write a story that awesome needs to answer my 10 Nosy Questions right? Thank heavens S Cinders agreed.

10 Nosy Questions

Describe your life in a nutshell.

My life is all about taking the kids to school, grocery shopping, laundry, and everything domesticated. Then there is a super secret side where I live through my characters. One might even say it’s my secret identity. (Okay, so my sister is the one that says it’s my secret identity.) Anyhow, in this life I could be a magical creature, a Viscountess or even a billionaire. You ust never know; it depends on which manuscript I am working on.

What book do you recommend to everyone? Even people who don’t ask?

If we are talking about my books, I would have to recommend Witch Queens: Tales from Oz. It gives you a good glimpse into my writing style and the zany things that can happen in my sexy fractured fairy tales.

Which of your quirks have you written into a character?

In one of my historical romances, the main character has horrible anxiety, she actually thinks she’s dying. I have written it with a lot of humor, but I also suffer from anxiety so there is some real honesty in those words.

Have you written someone who was rude into a book so you could get eternal payback?

Lol, nope I have never done that. I tend to write in characters that I love or ones that make me laugh. I haven’t ever written anyone in that I have disliked before.

Which book boyfriend would you run away with?

I think it just depends on my mood. Most of my heroes are loosely based on my husband so I have better stick with him.


Have you ever taken a book-cation?

I haven’t. My sister lived in London for a few years and my mom went over there so they could go everywhere that Jane Asten went. I was totally jealous of that trip.

What Fandom do you geek out over?

Love the Harry Potter original books. Love the Great British Baking Show.

Does anyone in your family read your books? If they do can they look you in the eye at Thanksgiving?

HAHAHAHAHAH this is hilarious. Nobody in my family knows about my spicy pen name. They have read my clean stuff.

How many more stories are rattling around in your brain trying to get out?

To many to count! Right now, I am trying to get out all of the books that I have written but not released. It is a constant struggle!

What did you have the most fun with in your last novel?

I wrote about pirates in the last novel. I like the idea of controlling everything that happens so that you hace the iside scoop. It can always be your favorite because you control where the story goes.

Tease Us With Your Newest Book

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A modern-day Cinderella / Billionaire Romance

Sutton –

I know for a fact that nothing in this life comes free. When you live in a rundown trailer on the wrong side of town, you know a thing or two about hunger, fear, and despair. I have gotten along just fine since mama passed away. I go to work, keep my head down, and do my best to stay out of trouble. But it seems trouble does it’s best to find me.

When Mr. Hot-shot New York shows up telling me that I have inherited a bunch of money, I laugh in his face. Nobody, nowhere, no-how has left me so much as a dime, and that is a fact. I just wish that he wasn’t so insistent …

-or pretty to look at.

-or smelled so darn good.

– or wasn’t so easy n the eyes.

Mark –

I was groomed to take over the boss’s company. I’ve worked, no slaved, for years making Sutton Industries the most lucrative, sought after, and most coved fortune five hundred company in New York.

So, what were the chances that the old boss would finally locate his long-lost daughter months before his death?

And the kicker? His dying wish was for me to find her and offer the girl a chance to run the company with me.

I found her alright. In a no-name town, working as a waitress for some idiot that obviously didn’t appreciate her. And no, I am not just talking about appreciating her luscious curves and fiery eyes. Because there was no way the jerk could miss those. Hell, they still haunted me.

Now I am stuck in the position of either dragging this country girl to New York and trying to get her up to snuff, or cutting her out of millions, if not billions of dollars from her interitance.

I hate being the nice guy.

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