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Review – How to Write a Swoon Worthy Sweet Romance

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If you have been following this site you know I am a new paranormal romance author. I have been writing for blogs for a few years but novels are going to be my focus for the next few years. Naturally the books that I am reading to develop my skills are going to change. Goodbye how to blog and become an influencer (really that wasn’t going to happen – I am pretty sure women everywhere have sitting on the couch reading and eating cookies down already.)


After doing market research I decided my first series is going to be sweet paranormal romances. Why? Because there are very few of them out there, and readers want a book they can read while waiting on their kids in at practice and not go beet red reading it.

Enter How to Write a Swoon Worthy Sweet Romance. I am not going to lie I had really high expectations of this book. I wanted to know how to write a sweet romance that would be able to rival the steamy ones.

To write successful sweet romances I had to know exactly what the readers expect. Of course, they need a happily ever after, but do they need a wedding? Do they have to be virgins? Can you have a secret baby? Can they make out in the car? If you can’t use scenes of sexual intimacy how do you move the relationship along?

I read the whole book and took notes. I paused and studied my work in progress against what the author was talking about to make sure I was hitting all the marks.

After finishing the book I have a few thoughts you might find helpful. This is a great starting point for a novice writer who wants to publish thier first book. It is full of plot pointers that would work for any fiction book. There are great overviews on emotional and physical intimacy, repelling and drawing your characters, and how to handle the climatic scene in your book.

I have one main problem with this book. I don’t think it really explains what constitutes a sweet romance, where the boundaries are for readers, or the expectations they have for a sweet romance. I only found one time where she mentions that her books do not contain actual sex scenes.

The book doesn’t cover character creation, expectaions of your main couple, the way you should structure your book (chapter breaks etc), subcharacters, or promoting/ marketing your book.

The part of the book I found the most helpful was the listing of the most common tropes in romance. The list has 75 different tropes that will help you plot your story. There are the common ones like flings and billionaires that you can easily pair up. there are some you might not think of like a fairy tale retelling or scars. She gives you a brief description of each, as well as a way to use them as an adhesive or repellant for the main couple.

If you want to read the book click my affiliate link below to find it on Amazon. Right now it is available on Kindle Unlimited (as of 01/03/18) or you can purchase an e-copy for $4.99.


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