Reader Question: Mermaids?

Reader Question: Mermaids?

This morning I packed up my bag and headed to my favorite coffee shop to get some words on the page for Gretchen. I thought about doing it at the house until the couch started talking to me. “Look at me! I’m soft and cushy and ready for you to snuggle in for a morning nap.” I stayed strong through. I put on real clothes and headed out.

The goal was to get another chapter finished. I tried. I really did.

Then one of my readers asked me a question. Sharky (a real-life reader not a stuffed shark) asked if I would write about mermaids. I tried to figure out how I could get mermaids into Somerset. I looked up aquatic myths and fell down the rabit hole.

The Results!

In an hour this morning, I created two towns who will eventually get their own series.

The first one is in Florida. A small Sanctuary town of Salacia will be in the panhandle. I don’t know how it will all work out but there will be mermaids guarding a treasure living in a subdivision.

The second is in Hawaii. Namaka Island is a tiny Sancutary Island. I don’t know if it is going to be one big resort island or have a small area for the Others to go to on vacation.

I created a whole new race called the Sine. Descendants of an English myth of Melusine.

I discovered the Fossee Grim. It is a Scandinavian myth of a guy who lives in the water. He played a violin to lure people to the water. Sometimes he was a killer, sometimes he just wanted to entertain. The best part? My favorite baristo (what is a male barista? Anyone?) coffee slinger is from an scandinavian family! Now I just have to figure out how he is going to fit in town. His name is Blake. He is gonna have a cabin near the lake and play the violin. He will break out his fiddle when the town has a party and needs to do a little dancing.

The moral of the story? Just because you didn’t do what you had planned for the day doesn’t mean you wasted it. You may have had a wild brain hair, which resulted in two new towns, a new species, and turn your favorite male coffee slinger into a Fossee Grim.

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