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Preorder Scarlett Now!

I have been waiting to write this post for almost a year!

As of today, you can preorder Scarlett on Amazon!

Click Here To Preorder

It is $2.99 to buy or Free in Kindle Unlimited!!!!

One crazy week will change Scarlett’s life forever.

For the last ten years, Scarlett thought her Fated Mate was dead … until he hit her with the buggy in the shampoo aisle of the grocery store days after she moved to a small town in the Georgia mountains.

That little bump leads to a girlfriend road trip, a hot centaur, a creepy co-worker, and a gremlin sidekick with a love of sparkly clothes.

Scarlett found her tribe in the local romance book club – the Crazy Cats. They helped her settle into small-town life while planning the southern wedding of her dreams before she knew what hit her.

Why would you love this book? Who wouldn’t love a woman finding the man of her dreams in a small town full of shifters, witches, and all kinds of things that go bump in the night?

** This is a slow burn romance. There is some kissing, making out, and more abs than one woman needs, but the ‘private’ moments happen behind closed doors. If you want a steamy paranormal romance check out TS Joyce. If you want a book you can read while waiting for your kids at practice grab this one!

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