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One of the best places I have found so far for general help and advice on being a new author has been in Facebook Groups.  They have thousands of groups for writers – free promo, general support, self publishing the list is endless.  I asked in one of them today for a writing buddy.  Someone that writes PNR and could touch bases with me a couple times a week.  We would make sure we stay on track and share tips when we find something amazing.

There were several people in the group who wanted to be my writing buddy – I was supper excited.  As an introvert I can’t tell you how worried I was that no one would be interested.  Then it was suggested that I start a group for all PNR authors to join and we can all be buddies.  After spending zero time thinking about it I created PNR Writing Group for stressed out authors.

If you are on Facebook, a PNR author (published or not) and want to join click here for the link.  I am not sure what all is going to happen in the group – if there will be weekly events or what not but I can tell you that you will find some awesome people who will help you write your story and who you can help in return.


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