January Book Fomo List


Okay my Crazy Cats. I have added several new books to my BOOK FOMO list this month. I have tried limiting new additions to my TBR to new releases for six months now and it is driving me crazy! There are no rules to reading people, add what ever you want to your TBR!

PSA: I am not getting a thing for telling you about these books. They are not affiliate links. I just want everyone’s TBR pile to be as big as mine.

A friend of mine recommended this one because it is a shifter series set in the south like mine. It is only 82 pages so I can finish it this weekend while Mermaid goes to yet another birthday party.

Girl meets boy on a computer. Girl decides to fly across the world to meet boy on a whim. She moved in when the boy thought she a potential flat mate. How can that go wrong?

Heaven help me. This one is like batman. The MMC is a vigilante trying to help the police and the FMC is the police. I want to read it so bad!

I have been digging anthologies lately. I have less time to read with all of the writing I have been doing and these stories are perfect. I think there are 20 different authors in this one.

If you know anything about me, it is that TS Joyce is my favorite author. She is who inspired me to start publishing my own novels. This month she published Bite Deeper. Shifters, witches, and ghosts in a swamp – How can that be bad?

I have been waiting for this one to come out since I interviewed Liza Street last month. Especially since it is about a shifter trying to convince the woman carrying his baby he loves her … um like my new book Gretchen … cough cough.

I saw this one on Instagram and can’t wait to read it. A space woman time travels to 1865 Earth for a man worth dying for (who she hasn’t actually met yet.) Your welcome world.

This one isn’t PNR or space. It is a second chance romance with so much drama you will need some chocolate to make it through. I know I did.

You need to buckle up for this one. It is a fantasy based on Swan Lake. A friend recommended this one and I can’t wait until I can curl up with a cup of cocoa and read it.

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