New Series! Southern Bell Coven

New Series! Southern Bell Coven

I am so excited right now.

For the last eleven months, I have been kicking around the idea of co-writing a series with one of my besties. After all this time it is happening people! The first book is already up for presale on Amazon and we are wearing out our little laptops writing this story.

This shared world will revolve around three cousins (everyone gets her own book) who are called back to their hometown by a mysterious letter from their crazy aunt. She needs their help running her store while she is away. Where exactly they have no clue. All they know is they have to keep the store open, take care of her house, all while discovering their latent witch abilities.

There may or may not be a MC of shifters who ride into town to claim them. I’d tell you but, spoilers sweetie.

K.O. Newman

In case you don’t already know my bestie … she is an awesome human being. She is an amazing writer & graphic designer as well as being a mom to two of the cutest boys in the country.

She has so many irons in the fire I’m amazed she has time to write this one with me.

  • She is in the middle of the Lord of Khaos series that is on the darker side but with all of the feels.
  • There are several stand-alone novels that will definitely get you through a reading slump.
  • She is co-writing the Blood Moon Riders Motorcycle Club: Nomad Chapter with Mariah Thayer. Just go buy every book in this series. I am serious and you can send me a thank you card after you read them.
  • She is co-writing the Interstellar Dragon Mates of Drakonis with Miri Stone. I’ve had a few teasers of these books but unfortunately no matter the amount of pleading I do they won’t give me the rough drafts.
  • Not to mention she is one of the organizers of the Booktober Charity Anthology that I participate in every year.

I mean seriously all this plus a full-time job. My current theory is Kat is really a cyborg, how else do you explain it?

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