Shelly Ferguson


When her Fated Mate died before they could ever meet and her mate mark turned black, Scarlett decided a quiet life teaching high school and reading books would be enough. She moved to Somerset in search of a new start, thrilled at the opportunity to live in the little sanctuary town. All she had to do was find a house, make some friends, and settle in. What she didn’t expect was to find her Fated Mate alive, walking down the shampoo aisle of the town’s only market.

Ian’s entire world was flipped on its head when his mate mark turned black after an accident. He kept the beast living in his middle from going insane by stepping up to protect his hometown as a deputy. Now, women in Somerset are being abducted. A chance meeting with the new high school teacher reveals he hasn’t lost his chance at happiness. Ian is determined to convince his Fated Mate that he is the only man for her while he figures out how to keep Somerset safe.

Scarlett is the first book in the Love in Somerset series by Shelly Ferguson. If you are in the mood for a slow burn romance between a sassy woman and the alpha of all alpharolls with a HEA click that buy now button.

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So … I have listened to my readers and invested in having Scarlett reedited by my new editor. The newly edited version is now live on Amazon.