Shelly Ferguson


I have a secret that I’m only sharing here for now ………. Martha is off to the NEW editor at the beginning of next week. She is so close to being out in the world so you can read her story. I swear Sam might be my favorite male lead so far. He fucked up and he isn’t afraid to admit it.

Fingers crossed her book will release on Amazon June 27, 2022.

(Yes I said hopefully May 27 but my editor and her toddler have the Corona and she needs time to heal. I know y’all understand.)

I have been working on Martha but she just isn’t cooperating!

I want to give her a nice guy to fall in love with. She wants the asshole she had a crush on in high school.

When she wanted something more than the job at the flower shop I thought how about a micro-farm? She picked one with so many problems – a gang of runaway chickens, crop circles, underground bunkers, and people raiding her farm at night looking for heaven only knows what.