Shelly Ferguson


Why does love only come knocking when you’ve already given up on it?

Martha wrote off the possibility of finding her fated mate years ago. It was fine because she didn’t need him to be happy. She bought a little house for herself on the outskirts of town, ready to settle into a nice quiet life in the country and her chosen role of the favorite aunt. 

However the moment Martha gives up on the one man she can never have, of course he shows up as her blind date. To make matters worse – Martha grew up with this hottie. Sam is a no-go. Martha absolutely refuses to believe that this guy is her fated mate. 

Besides, she has enough to deal with. Turns out country-life is not so idyllic when witches are sneaking onto your land, crop circles pop up, a flock of feral chickens take over your barn, and your best friend is nursing a broken heart. 

Can Martha forgive Sam and find the happily ever after she has always wanted while saving her farm from being over run by evil witches?

This is a fated mate / enemies to lovers romance in the Love in Somerset Series by Shelly Ferguson. If you love reading about an independent woman and the stubborn shifter that will do anything to prove himself worthy of her, then this is the book for you.

Written in Single POV, No Cheating, and a Happily Ever After.