Shelly Ferguson


What could go wrong on a fake honeymoon with the man I’ve been crushing on for a year?

My life was going fine until Derek Heiss, Centaur King and full-on hottie, asked me to review a resort. The only problem was we needed to convince everyone we were on a honeymoon. I gave in after a little peer pressure. I mean what could go wrong on a fake honeymoon?

It’s not like my family will show up and demand a real wedding.

It’s not like we would be attacked by jungle pirates.

It’s not like I would fall in love with him.

Jackie is the 5th novel in Shelly Ferguson’s Love In Somerset Series. If you are in the mood for one over-the-top centaur, a smart ass woman who won’t give in, and a family that will make yours look sane – grab it now.