Shelly Ferguson


Gretchen Albright had a perfect life. She hung out with her friends in the Crazy Cat Book club and planned parties in her small town. She had no idea it would lead to two little pink lines when she accepted a dare to talk to a stranger in a bar.

Getting pregnant while turning a rundown farm into a dream wedding venue wasn’t on her to-do list. Dealing with vandals, a head-butting goat, or a homeless Fosse Grim wasn’t on there either, but she put on her big girl pants and dealt with all of it. The one thing she wasn’t ready to deal with was a pissed-off minotaur crashing back into her life. When Nicco Green – aka her real-life Mr. Darcy – crashed her friend’s birthday party, she dealt with that too.

Nicco Green didn’t plan on finding the woman of his dreams in a backwoods bar. He didn’t plan on her finding his engagement photo hidden in a drawer. He really didn’t plan on her hiding a pregnancy from him for seven months. He let Gretchen slip through his fingers once, and he wasn’t going to let it happen again.