Shelly Ferguson


Ember and her cousins scattered to the winds after college, but a mysterious letter from their aunt pulls them back home.

Being a baker in New York isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Ridiculous hours, bare minimum pay, and a tiny efficiency apartment with her cat wasn’t exactly what Ember was expecting when she left Culinary School with top marks. But going home to Peach Licker, Georgia, and admitting defeat was not what she had planned. Then the letter came. An urgent call to come home to her ailing aunt and take over the family shop with her cousins may just change the course of Ember’s life.

Thor, president of the Barbarian Kings Motorcycle club, never felt a tie to anywhere. Along with his brothers, Loki and Tyr, he had been traveling the country for as long as he could remember. Other members came and went, but their bond was absolute. And all because they had been on the run from (Who? Again?). But one foot, or wheel, into Peach Licker, and he instantly knows its time to put down roots and stage his last stand. Definitely has nothing to do with the pretty new bakery owner in town.

Ember is the first book in the Southern Bell Coven by Shelly Ferguson and K.O. Newman. Set in a tiny coastal town near Savannah where things are far from normal. Preorder your copy now so you don’t miss this hot new series!