Shelly Ferguson

My Books

Love In Somerset Series

The chicks in the Crazy Cat Book Club are finding their dream men one by one with the help of their friends.

** Completed Series **

1 Scarlett

2 Sophie

3 Gretchen

3.5 Sierra

4 Frankie

5 Jackie

5.5 Ada

6 Martha

Love In Salacia

These girls will get their happily ever after even if they have to fight pirates to do it.

** Completed Duet **

1 Savanna

2 Gillian

Love In The Woods

This series is set in the deep woods of southeast Tennessee in a group of cabins around a beautiful lake. The thing that makes them different from any other place you can spend the weekend? A clan of Dark Elves come and go through a MoonGate hidden deep in the forest and stay in their own cabins while they are on Earth. These hot as sin elves each have their own reasons for coming to Earth, but the one they all have in common is finding a mate, and only human witches can fulfill that role.

Blue Moon (in Booktober 2023) – Prequel

Eagle Moon – Book 1 – Coming Early 2023

Southern Bell Coven

A witchy series I’m co-writing with K.O. Newman!

Three cousins are called home by a missing aunt to run the family store in Peach Licker, Georgia. They had no idea there would be magic, talking cats, or they had fated mates who just happened to be in a motorcycle club.