Shelly Ferguson

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Love In Somerset Series

The chicks in the Crazy Cat Book Club are finding thier dream men one by one with the help of their friends.

Scarlett – Book 1

Sophie – Book 2

Gretchen – Book 3

Sierra – Book 3.5

Frankie – Book 4

Frankie is undeniably the shiest of the Crazy Cats, so when her boss signs her up for a cake competition in Atlanta her first instinct was to disappear until it was over. Instead of hiding she pulled up her big girl panties and decorated the hell out of that cake. The only problem is the fox that makes her swallow her tongue is the judge!

Love In Salacia

These girls will get their happily ever after even if they have to fight pirates to do it.

** This series is finished after Gillian. I wrote it as a gift to

my best friend who always wanted to be a mermaid.

Savanna – Book 1

Gillian – Book 2