Shelly Ferguson

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Love In Somerset Series

The chicks in the Crazy Cat Book Club are finding their dream men one by one with the help of their friends.

1 Scarlett

2 Sophie

3 Gretchen

3.5 Sierra

4 Frankie

5 Jackie

5.5 Ada

6 Martha – Coming ASAP

Love In Salacia

These girls will get their happily ever after even if they have to fight pirates to do it.

** Completed Duet **

1 Savanna

2 Gillian

Love In The Woods

My new series!

What if the creatures we know as elves, centaurs, dragons, and gargoyles are aliens that have been coming to Earth to find mates?

This series focuses on the dark elves of Clan Clogher finding their women one at a time in the woods of Tennessee.

Blue Moon – Prequel to Love in the Woods

Exclusive release in the Booktober Anthology 2022 (coming in October)