My Books Are Going Wide

Hello my eight wonderful fans! You know who you are.

I had a bit of an epiphany this morning. I was listening to another podcast on how to market my book on Amazon. How to get my book in front of people on Amazon. Then the host said something I know I had heard before but finally clicked in my head.

“Over one million books are available on the Kindle. With hundreds of thousands romances added yearly.”

Every one and their mother are putting books on Amazon. They put them in Kindle Unlimited – just like I did – in hopes of becoming a best seller. Everyone fights over the ad space. Everyone wants to get the top sponsored spots.

I thought about the coy fish in a pond outside a resteraunt we went to this weekend. All the fish fought for top place infront of my daughter. She was throwing handfuls of fish nibbles into the water and giggling as she watched the fish fight over them.

Two fish swam in front of me. They just sat there and waited. They knew I would toss some nibbles their way. They didn’t need to fight with the pack to get the first nibble or the most nibbles. They were happy in calmer waters.

This morning I decided to be the smart fish.

When I published Sophie last week I put it wide, just to see what would happen. When I published Scarlett in Kindle Unlimited things were amazing for the first two weeks. Then nada, zip, zilch. I ran ads and still nothing.

Sophie has been wide for two days and has already sold two copies.

I’m gonna be just fine being the fish on the other side of the pond.

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