Michelle Ziegler

10 Nosy Questions

Describe your life in a nutshell. I have 2 kids, a husband who might not actually be an adult yet, and an obsession with animals. Right now though, we only have 1 dog and 3 chickens. I work, write, and volunteer for Girl Scouts.

What book do you recommend to everyone – ever people who don’t ask? That’s a tough one – but I’d say anything by Jennifer Crusie because that woman makes me laugh.

Which of your quirks have you written into a character? Uh… where do I start? I have a lot of quirks I think. In my latest release, it’s the quirk to love chickens. Is that a quirk?

Have you written someone who was rude into a book so you could get eternal payback? I think all humans can be rude, so I guess to make a well rounded character they have to at some point. I would think my latest antagonist is probably pretty rude because it’s who he was.

Which book boyfriend would you run away with? Any of the Black Daggar Brotherhood guys .. Is that an answer?

Have you ever taken a book-cation? No … my kids are to little to appreciate Mom’s eccentric love of books yet.

What Fandom do you geek out over? There’s a lot. I think it is dictated by my mood.

Does anyone in your family read your books? If they do can they look you in the eye at Thanksgiving? Uh .. Oddly my mother, and I think the issue is me looking her in the eye when she makes comments about my dad in reference to my books. TMI Mom.

How many more stories are rattling around in your brain trying to get out? Ten, oh wait just thought of another.

What did you have the most fun with in your last novel? The pixie forest!!!! As much as I love shifter and paranormal, I love fantasy elements like the Fae!!!

Tease Us With Your Latest Book

Release Date – May 2, 2019

She can’t deny her magic, and he can’t deny her.

Marci finds things, including a chicken she’s suddenly adopted. Running her own magical PI business has never made her mother proud or her fiancée think of her as an equal, but at least it was hers. Led by magic that won’t be ignored, she leaves everything behind to find out what the universe thinks is so important. Leaving an arranged marriage, a judgmental family, and a life she’s never really fit into is a bonus. What she didn’t count on was a ghost, an eerie forest, and a man that makes her blood boil.

Caleb served in the special forces for the supternatural, only he’s always been more comfortable with the humans rather than his own kind. the loss of his best friend had him running away to a sleepy mountain town, or was it something else that called him? Hee’s always been a solitary kind of bear, until a woman falls into his life with a tempermental chicken.

Can Marci et past this bear shifter’s walls or wil Caleb let magic take her away?

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