Excerpt from Martha

Excerpt from Martha

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Martha is all loaded up in Amazon and I am just waiting for the mighty Zon to publish her on August 18, 2022.

Make sure and preorder now for only 99 cents. 24 hours after she is live, the price will go up to my regular $2.99.

I wanted to give you a little tease of what’s coming. This is a scene a couple of chapters in where Martha has figured out her fated mate is her worst enemy’s twin brother.

The drama!

I jumped when someone knocked on my front door early Wednesday morning. I could blame it on the fact I was tired from not sleeping all night, but that would only have been half the truth. I was terrified Sam was on the other side of the door.

I racked my brain all night trying to remember touching him at some point. I met him when I was twelve, for goodness’ sake. I had to touch him at some point, but I couldn’t come up with a single time. He was at every competition, and there was a time at the water park when I was sixteen, but we definitely didn’t touch then.

I absent-mindedly rubbed the Mate Mark on my rib cage. My stomach sank when I realized he must have seen it at the waterpark. I’ve never worn a string bikini—then again, I didn’t hide under a muumuu either. He would have known it matched the one on his ribs. The bastard could have found my birth date a dozen different ways and put two plus two together and came up with mate.

The fucker knew we were mated mates for over twelve years.

He paraded other girls right in front of me at competitions. He never introduced them. Then again, we never talked after that run-in at the water park. I heard through old competition friends that he lived with a woman a few years ago.

My mate, my fated mate, knew he was mine at sixteen, and his reaction was to date other women before moving in with one? I knew his sister hated me, but that shouldn’t have been enough to drive him away like that.

I jumped when the knocking at the door became pounding.

After a night of pain, worry, hurt, and anger, I wasn’t ready to talk to him. I didn’t care if he was ready to talk. I didn’t care if he was suddenly interested in me. I really didn’t care if he dressed up, danced with me at the ball, and agreed to a blind date when I asked Mitch who he was. I was pissed, and he could talk to me on my time. Which right now would be in fifty years.

I paused before opening the door, thankful it was solid wood so he couldn’t see me. I schooled my face into smooth indifference and pushed my long hair over my shoulders. No reason to let him know he got to me.

Only it wasn’t him when I opened the door. Eli stood with his hands in the air mid-knock.

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