January Book Fomo List

March TBR Pile

First I hope y’all are doing ok.

For me (Queen of the Introverts) life is pretty good. My daughter, hubby and I are all safe and hanging out at home. The funny part is except for driving Mermaid to and from school and other places my life hasn’t changed that much. Except for take out. I will fight you for a bucket of KFC.

Thanks to Hubby’s love of coupons and Buy one Get One deals we have plenty of toilet paper.

I know there are a bunch of authors giving away books for free, when I find one I’m interested in I put it in my Instagram stories.

You know you want to follow me and my shenanigans on Instagram! Plus I started a mmini-story that is only available on Instagram. It is Frankie’s Quarantine Journal in Somerset. (Spoiler she just got a hunky new neighbor.)




I hope you can find something to help you escape for a little while. They are different genres and heat levels.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about them or if you have a romance I need to read.

If you need more books to fill those long long hours of self isolation check out the books I added last month here.

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