Making Progress on Scarlett!

I committed myself to finishing my first novel – Scarlett.  For years I have been making notes on books I will write one day, starting drafts of novels only to get distracted by something else and starting on it instead.  Now I am happy to tell you that I am Making Progress on Scarlett! I have the bones of the book all on paper, well in the cloud somewhere actually.  So far it is sitting around 56K words.  I still have to add in a few more scenes to flesh out the story and complete the character arcs before I hand it over to an editor at the end of the month.

Today while running Mermaid (my daughter) around getting ready for school to start on Thursday I spent time listening to a (new to me) podcast in the car.  It is called ‘Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast.’  It is an awesome one that actually covers topics that will help the listener publish thier books.  One of the shows that I listened to today was on how to market your author brand.  I realized that I need to develop a plan to market my book when I finish it and all the books that will follow.  There is no way I am putting all this effort in to only publish one book and watch it flop around at the bottom of the Amazon pool like a dying fish.

So I made some decisions tonight when I was playing around with book cover designs for the Somerset series:
  1.  They are going to be ‘fade to black’ romances.  I love a good smutty book where the author gives you every detail of the couple’s naughty times.  I how ever am having a hard time writing them for my own books.  That is where I always falter and start working on something else.  But last week in a reading group I am in the ladies were complaining that they can’t find any ‘fade to black’ paranormal books.  So boom.  I found a hole in the market and I am going to fill it.  Maybe in a later series I will write all those raunchy scenes but for now I am going to pass.
  2.   Every romance worth it’s salt has a HEA.  Not all of them have a wedding though.  I decided tonight that all of the books in the Somerset series are going to have a wedding in them for the main couple.  Some will be in the body of the story, and a few in the epilogue.  No matter where I put it there will be a wedding in the traditional sense that the couple is going to say vows in front of an official, as well as the claiming they will do in private.
  3.   I have been looking at covers for romances for years.  I will admit that a perfect set of abs is an attention getter.  However there are authors out there who don’t put people on thier covers and do amazing.  A few of them I buy no matter what are Kristen Ashley and Janet Evanovich.  Tonight I designed the template for the Somerset series.  It is going to focus on the bride’s bouquet.
  4.   Since the covers are all going to focus on the bride’s bouquet I need to go back in Scarlett and add a character that will either sell the bouquets or plan the weddings.  I can’t decide which one it is going to be right now.  I need to do some research and see how weddings are planned in small towns.  If you know PLEASE leave me a comment below!  Hubby and I got married in Vegas with the woman playing the organ as our witness.  (Not going to lie it was an amazing wedding and I didn’t miss all the craziness at all!  Hubby loved it because he got to wear shorts and from the time the limo picked us up to when it dropped us off at the hotel it only took an hour and a half.)

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