June’s Wild At Heart PNR Flash Fiction

June’s Wild At Heart PNR Flash Fiction

From the safety of the trees I tried to figure out the best way to approach the two men wrestling under the waterfall. I knew from experience things would go sideways if I simply walked into the open and waved hello. Since the beginning of time, all men react the same way to a succubus, and it wasn’t by waving a polite hello.

I rubbed my thumb over the hilt of the knife strapped to my thigh as I ran through my options. I tracked men down for a living. It shouldn’t have been that hard for me to figure this out. The problem was usually all I had to do was walk up to my target, bite my lip, and push the girls together. After three seconds any man would follow where ever I led him.

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t work here. My only option was to wait for them to split up and approach them one at a time to figure out which one was the lucky duck.

I could tell from across the small pond they were both tall and muscular. They had the type of muscles that came from hard work, not endless bench pressing in the gym. Hopefully, that meant they knew how to handle themselves in a fight. If things worked out between us my Mate would have to travel with my gang from job to job. It would make my job easier if I didn’t have to stash him in a hotel room while I worked.

At least, I was pretty sure it would make things easier. There was no way I would give up my role in the club to be some man’s housewife – definitely not in the backwoods of Norway. Thanks to my upbringing I was uniquely qualified for my lifestyle. I spent my days riding my bike, did my part when the team was hired, and spent my nights sucking all the sexual energy I could from a few willing partners.

I snapped a twig from frustration. It wasn’t my fault I fucked a virgin into a coma. He said he knew what he was getting into when I asked him back to my room.

I checked the pool at the bottom of the waterfall to see if the men showed any signs of getting tired. The one with a beard was sitting on a rock staring at the water without a care in the world. The clean-shaven one was nowhere to be seen. I shifted to the left for a better view. The pool didn’t look deep enough for him to swim underwater.

“Looking for someone?”

I cursed myself in three languages. He wasn’t swimming. He was hunting me.

I sucked in a sharp breath when I turned to face him. I could tell he was handsome when he was swimming, but I couldn’t see just how hot he was up close. I prayed he was my Mate. I could practically see the energy swirling around him.

There was no point in playing the lost hiker. He clearly knew I had been watching him. Besides, one look at his guarded expression told me he wouldn’t fall for it even if I tried.

“As a matter of fact, I am.”

“You lost someone all the way out here?”

“Not exactly.”

My core clenched when he crossed his arms over his smooth chest. Heaven help me, the man was sexy.

I glanced over my shoulder when a twig snapped behind me. The bearded one stood a foot behind me. I had been so distracted I hadn’t heard him leave the water either.

“Who have we here?”

The corner of my mouth ticked up with my first look at the bearded one. He looked exactly like the first one, but with hair – a neat beard, the perfect amount of chest hair that tapered down to a happy trail. I crossed my fingers they were identical twins. Instead of answering his question I asked one of my own.


The first one nodded his head.

“Identical twins?”

The one behind me answered, “Aye.”

I rubbed my hands together like an evil villain. “I’ve been looking for you.”

You’re so interested right now aren’t you?

Well, I can’t tell you what else happens – you will have to wait for the Vella serial to come out. But i can give you the social links to my fellow Wild At Heart PNR Flash Fiction authors so you can read their stories.

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