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10 Nosy Questions

Describe your life in a nutshell. I am a full-time author, freelance musician, and small business owner. I’m really fortunate to be able to work from home, so I wear gym clothes about 95% of the time and sometimes forget how to put on Normal People clothes.

What book do you recommend to everyone – even people who don’t ask? The Dark Tower by Stephen King. (We’re not going to talk about the movie.)

Which of your quirks have you written into a character? I don’t know if it counts as a quirk, but I’ve firmly established from day one that dragons love bread as much as I do. Anytime the story goes into the dragon world and they eat traditional food there’s lots of bread. No carb prejudice here!

Have you written someone who was rude into a book so you could get eternal payback? I haven’t but this is a great idea! I did immortalize my high school English teacher in my first published novel, because she was the one who gave me a push that has always stayed with me.

Which book boyfriend would you runaway with? Rhysand from the Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J Maas. So very dreamy!

Have you ever taken a book-cation? Not exactly a book-cation, but I once took a spontaneous detour to roam around the filming locations for the Vampire Diaries. The show was mostly filmed in Covington, Georgia. I happen to live in Georgia, and a friend and I were driving home from a race in Atlanta. There’s a billboard on the interstate for the Mystic Grill, and I’d been joking for years that I was going to stop to check it out. We weren’t in a hurry, so we did! We drove around randomly until we found the “historic” part that was used as Mystic Falls. It was a lot of fun, though not quite the same without the hunky vampires present.

What Fandom do you geek out over? Critical Role is my big one. If you’ve never seen it, it’s a bunch of awesome voice actors playing Dungeons and Dragons, and the game master Matt Mercer is an incredible storyteller. Not only are the people making the show wonderful and positive, but the fandom is also really kind and welcoming. So many creative artists share their own creations related to it, and it’s just a wonderful little phenomenon. I got into playing D&D because of the show and have loved the chance to tell stories with my friends.

Does anyone in your family read your books? If they do can they look you in the eye at Thanksgiving? Yes! My parents read some of them, and it took a while to get used to not instinctively cringing.

How many more stories are rattling around in your brain trying to get out? Way too many. They make a lot of noise when I’m trying to focus on the current project, and somehow, they always know how to sound more appealing. Kind of like chocolate cake when you’re trying to eat a salad and tell yourself “fruit is totally fine for dessert.” (Lies!)

What did you have the most fun with in your last novel? In my most recent project (coming Summer 2019), I played with the idea of self-sacrifice and whether it’s always noble, as well as what it means to truly love someone. The heroine deals with another male character (not the hero) who tells her what to do. She bristles at taking orders and has to come to terms with the idea of trusting someone else to make judgments.

That feeds right into the idea of self-sacrifice. She’s a magigal healer, and she’s always pushing her limits. This other character has to (verbally) smack some sense into her, making her see that if she goes too far in healing one of her patients, she might help that one person but endager the rest of the team because she won’t be able to help them. It may seem noble to risk her life to save someone, but what happens when she’s too weak to heal and the next attack comes before she’s ready? Over the Course of the book, she works hard at shifting her perspective and learning how to pick her battles so that the most people win, rather than blindly going with her feelings.

That’s also bound up in the idea of what love really is. It’s always bugged me in books or movies when one character will risk the whole world because they can’t bear to lose the love of their life. And it’s treated like this ultimate proof of how incredible their love is, but I’m like … wow. That’s selfish. How would it feel to be in a post-apocalyptic hellscape and be like “well at least my girlfriend and I survived?” Are any of us worthy of that kind of devotion?

I had fun inverting that in this book. A secondary character finds herself in a situation where she can risk herself and it will potentially save lives. She knows her partner won’t like it, and someone else comments that “he won’t let you do it.” She has this difficult conversation about why he won’t like it but he’ll accept i because she isn’t the most important thing in the world to him. He loves her beyond measure but that love doesn’t outweigh his duty to poroctect his community and the world at large. She says if he couldn’t let her go to save the world, then she couldn’t love him the way she does. He becomes even more lovable to her because he can sacrifice his own individual happiness if it means a better out come for the rest of the world. (No spoilers on how it turns out!)

Tease Us With Your Newest Book

Tempers and desires flare white-hot when tow flame dragons butt heads.

Chloe Madsen has had a wicked headache for six months. Now, that headache has a name: Taegan Asharin. He’s sexy as hell, but he accuses her of being a cheat and a liar within ten seconds of meeting her.

Not a great first impression.

Taegan knows the truth the minute he sees her: Chloe Madsen is a dragon. And somehow she doesn’t realize it. There’s a wide, winged world out there and she’s missing out on it.

As a representative of the local dragon community, it’s Taegan’s responsibility to bring her into their secretive world. But first, he’ll have to convince her to see him again, which isn’t going to be easy after thier disasterous first meetig. Then he’ll have to convince her she’s not human.

Dragon’s Secret is a standalone novella set in the Dragons of Ascavar universe. Short and sassy, with a hint of spice, this light hearted story can be enjoyed without reading the whole series.

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