Intro to my online journal

Welcome to my online journal for my new writing career.

Years ago I started a blog on Tumblr.  It was a little spot of the internet where I could share my thoughts on being a new mom adjusting to staying home all day instead of working.  I learned early in life if I wanted things I would have to work for them.  When my friends were dreaming of being Sleeping Beauty I wanted to be Belle.  As much as I love a good nap (I take one daily) there is no way I would sit around on my fanny waiting for Prince Charming to kiss me, then hand me everything on a silver platter.  If I had to choose I would be Belle.  She was the daughter of a poor inventor but she didn’t let that get her down.  She read her books, took care of those chickens and tried to keep Gaston away with her brains.  She handled her business and didn’t waste time waiting for someone to handle it for her.  When she traded her freedom for her father’s she didn’t do it so she could stay in the castle.  She worked on cleaning up the castle and the Beast.  By the end of that fairy tale Beast literally went from rags to tailored suits, the castle was put back in order, and she broke the spell to save the day.

Most of all I wanted that library.

All of my life I have worked for what I wanted.  I joined the Army on my 16th birthday (I couldn’t start Basic until I was 18 – but I wanted in that badly).  When I got out I put myself through college working a full time retail job.  I worked in the corporate headquarters for several large companies and loved it.  Then I got the best job ever – I became a stay at home mom.  I love staying home with my daughter and managing our home, but I couldn’t stop the need to be working on something so I had an online bakery that catered to deployed service members, then an online store where I sold handmade toys and blankets.  Now that my daughter – Mermaid – is in Kindergarten I have time to write; and I am writing all the things that have ever popped into my head.

These days I have four blogs:  Shelly Ferguson Author (this one), A Bustling Home (I talk about how to be a modern day housewife), Blinking Cat (I can’t control my crafting compulsion and I talk about it here), and Traveling Fergusons (a travel blog for families – I am hoping for a free vacation at some point with this one.)  Depending on how life is going I post once a week or a couple times a month on each one, always keeping the posts within the theme of the site.

My goal is to become a best selling paranormal romance author.  I have been studying for a year on the best practices and methods to be a successful indie author.  I have listened to hundreds of podcasts, read over 15 books, and taken several online writing classes.  I am getting ready to publish my first novel – Scarlett in November.  I am doing everything I can to embrace my new professional life as a romance writer, and to help I am going to take a page from some of my favorite authors on how they do it.

My favorite author right now is TS Joyce.  She writes paranormal romances that I can’t put down.  Her series intertwine and follow the same groups of characters for several books.  I have read each book in her Grayback and Boarlander series at least five times each.  She is who I want to be when I grow up.  One of the best parts about her is she interacts with her fans on Instagram.  I don’t think she has accounts on every social media app out there, she focuses on that one.  She shares fun pictures of things she is doing, an outfit that makes her feel awesome, and gives updates on her books there.

My plan for interacting with my fans is to be active on Instagram and this website.  To share daily pictures of my life and updates about my novels I created an Instagram account > @shellyfergusonauthor.  For things that I want to go more in detail with I am going to have an online journal here.  To let you know what I am reading, the progress on my books, and the ways I am procrastinating instead of writing.

I am excited that one day I will have a following like TS Joyce and the other authors that I admire.

Worst case I write a weekly journal that I get to look back on and remember how my writing career developed.

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