Hey Darlin’

I have been playing around with the idea of a weekly newsletter for a while. Today I decided to bite the bullet and do it. Who wouldn’t want a newsletter from me?

The Plan

On the first Monday of the month I will write a little something to the people on my newsletter list. I can’t promise you the same format every week – because life happens. What I can promise is whatever I put in the newsletter will be something you want to know about. My trusty sidekick Sharkey has volunteered to read them before I send them to make sure I don’t go off on a tangent about crocheting or my love for all things chocolate.

If you are super lucky I will give you hints about what is happening in the story I am writing. I will also let you know when I am having one of my “Help Me Write” contests on Instagram. I held one last weekend because I needed help naming a ship wreck in Savanna (the first book in my Love In Salacia Series coming out on February 1, 2020!)

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Can’t wait until next week? Check out my monthly posts on the books I added to my TBR Pile. They are all romances in some way.

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