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Heather MacKinnon


When I found out Heather MacKinnon wrote about a female werewolf who worked as an environmental scientist I knew I had to interview her!

10 Nosy Questions

Describe your life in a nutshell.  

I’m lucky enough to write full time but since I had my son this July, I’ve also become a stay at home mom. Juggling being creative and productive with taking care of a baby has been difficult but I’m starting to get the hang of it. As long as he naps!

What book do you recommend to everyone – even people who don’t ask? 

Kulti by Mariana Zapata. I read this book twice back to back it was so good.

Which of your quirks have you written into a character? 

My dislike of germs. I refuse to lick envelopes because it’s gross for me, but also for the person receiving my saliva glued greeting card. That was in my book Send Sunshine.

Have you written someone who was rude into a book so you could get eternal payback? 

I wrote in an ex friend. Does that count?

Which book boyfriend would you run away with? 

I’d like to run away with Remy, but he’d never leave his family.

Have you ever taken a book-cation? 

No but I’d love to go to Forks!

What Fandom do you geek out over?

Harry Potter definitely.

Does anyone in your family read your books? if they do can they look you in the eye at Thanksgiving?

OMG! My grandma has read two of my books. The first one wasn’t’ too bad. The second had the male version of the c-word in it and I can’t even bring it up to her.

How many more stories are rattling around in your brain trying to get out?

At least 5. I just need 2 more like me!

What did you have the most fun with in your last novel?

Writing Belle’s bad attitude.

Tease Us With Your New Book


Releasing some time this winter!

Can she deny her destiny and ignore the pull of her soul mate?

Callista McCoy is a strong, well-educated werewolf with no desire for a mate. Sure, she’s seen how great love has worked out for her brother, but she’s not in any rush. Her work as an environmental scientist and activist is enough to keep her busy and her love life is the least of her worries. But when one of the new wolves in her pack starts to make her feel things she thought she’d successfully suppressed, her only hope is to ignore him. And avoid eye contact at all costs.

Wyatt Carter’s only concerns are taking care of his sick mother and proving his worth to his new pack. but the moment he gets a look at his new alpha’s sister, all bets are off. there’s something irresistible about Callie that draws him in. Something that makes him want to get close to her. So, why s she so determined to push him away? And how hard is he willing to push back?

With the pack expecting an attack any day, will Callie keep pushing Wyatt away, or will she finally give in to what she’s fought against for so long?

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