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10 Great Mothers in Romance Roundup

I just read the Rock Chick Series by Kristen Ashley.  The books are based around a group of women and thier uber hot men.  Their families are all there nudging them along.  Some of my favorite supporting characters in the series are the mothers.  They are there helping the characters find thier way in life – sometimes with hugs and food, other times with smacks to the back of the head.  There are times when they straight up steal the show. My favorite is when Trish and her husband Herb have a yelling match about making pancakes for Roxie and Hank in Rock Chick Redemption.  Why is a fight about pancakes funny?  Hank and Roxie are in bed trying to ‘enjoy’ thier morning and can hear every word.  Seriously these mothers are awesome.  I polled my friends and got made this list of 10 Great Mothers in Romance you need to read today.

If you have read any of these leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought of it!

Boomerangers by Heather M Orgeron

This is the first book I am going to read.  She is a single mother of 3 who is “New Orleans’ most renowned sex therapist” who is forced to move back home.  He is recently divorced and moved home to take over his father’s firm.  They had a thing once when they were young and it looks like they are about to get their second chance.  Since Hubby and I are happily living our second chance I am always looking for a great second chance romance.  *Side note:  this one was actually recommended the most.

Grim by MK Eidem

This is the first in a three book series on aliens.  Their planet had a blight of some kind that stopped girls from being born and now the planet is in trouble.  So they go out looking for women they could mate with – boom they find Earth.  From the reviews they start collecting ‘unprotected’ women to take back to their planet.  The kicker is they pick up Lisa Miller while she is visiting her husband’s grave.  When she realizes what is happening she confronts these huge barbarian men to take her back to her children.  She ends up making a deal with Grim to bring her daughters as well.  Now that is a serious mother – takes on huge ass aliens who abuducted her to get back to her children.

I am not going to lie I have already bought this one and it is sitting in my Kindle waiting for it’s turn right after Boomerangers.

New Moon Rising by J.R. Rain

This is the first book in the Samantha Moon Origin series, which is followed by the Samantha Moon Case Files.  The stories are based around a woman who was once a normal and happy woman.  She was a married to her soul mate, had 2 kids, a great job, all around a pretty happy life.  Until she caught the eye of a vampire during one of her investigations.  The books take you through her being attacked, becoming a vampire with all that entails.  I think this series sounds interesting because you rarely read about a woman being turned that is already married with kids.  Normally the victim is a young single woman who is going to love the vampire through time.

This book is listed in the category of Women sleuths not romance, but any woman who fights becoming a vampire to stay with her kids deserves to be in the Great Mother Roundup.

The Darkest Sunrise by Aly Martinez

This one is going to make you cry.  That was the intro I go when it was recommended for this list.  The Hero & Heroine are both parents.  One lost thier child in a kidnapping the other needs a heart transplant.  From looking at the reviews and rating on Amazon and Goodreads people love this story.  There are 7,800+ ratings for it on Goodreads.  I am not going to read it because I can’t handle stories where kids die.  But if you read it let me know what you think.

Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor

Hold on to something because this one has all the feels.  Abby -a pregnant widow – takes her four kids on a week long vacation to the beach.  Matt is a Navy Seal forced to take some R&R because of an injury.  They meet on the beach and start a friendship.  It was only supposed to be a week but that doesn’t happen.  I both want to and I am dreading reading this book.  Can you imagine what Abby went through loosing her husband while newly pregnant and already having 4 kids?

Room for You by Beth Ehemann

Ok this one is so damn sweet.  She is a single mother with twin daughters, who helps her mother run a small inn.  He is a famous hockey player who checks in.  My friend recommended this one because she knows how much I love romances with hockey players in them.  I am so happy she did.  The love story develops slowly because he recognizes she needs that.  There are times when super fast claiming happens and that is great, then there are times when you want the romance to develop slowly and savor every step.

A Stone in the Sea by AL Jackson

If you love a good rock star love story this is the one for you.  He is a rocker that had to cancel his European tour and hide in Savannah while waiting for a criminal trial.  She is a waitress at a bar with a 4 year old daughter.  This story is all about thier romance with the daughter more on the side lines.  It was recommended because of the all consuming (friend’s words not mine) passion that is between them.  Who doesn’t love a good rags to riches story?  Bonus if you like this one it is the first book in a series of 6.

Wait For It by Mariana Zapata

Everyone knows that you can be a mother without ever giving birth.  This novel has one of those.  Diana becomes an instant mother when her brother dies and leaves her custody of his two sons.  She moves into a new house with the boys and meets her new neighbor Dallas.  I am going to warn you now that you are going to laugh and cry and get mad at some point during this novel.  I have read a lot of Mariana Zapata’s other books and I love every one of them.

Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec

I have a dry sense of humor and I am extremely sarcastic.  A friend of mine told me that this book is written for me based on this alone.  Add in that it is a secret baby romance and it gets listed in the Great Mothers Roundup.  I haven’t read Tara Sivec before but I am looking forward to this one.  Who wouldn’t find a woman grudgingly helping her friend with her sex toy business to save money for her own business funny?  The icing on the cake is her son is described as a “foul-mouthed but extremely loveable (when he is asleep) toddler.”  You know your kid has said bad words before and even though you tell them not to your laughing in your head like a loon.  Or is that just me?

Sway by Adriana Locke

This is the first in a 5 book series that have all just been added to my TBR pile.  If you love a political romance than this is the one you want to get first.  There are two reasons my friend recommed this one for the Great Mother Roundup: 1. it is set in one of my favorite towns – Savannah.  2. she is a single mom trying to keep her head down and make a life for her and her son.  He on the other hand is the mayor and running for governor.  This one was recommended because of the witty banter and awesome love story, and that there are 4 other books to follow.  I haven’t read that many political romances before because I just don’t like to let politics in novels – I read to escape from things like that.  This one however might be the one to break that stereotype for me.

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