Flo – Billionaire Square

Flo – Billionaire Square

I knocked the box of bullets over in my haste to load my rifle.

The hesitancy in Anna’s voice was clear when she asked, “Flo, honey, what’s going on?”

“I’m gonna shoot a rat.”

Her hesitancy morphed to fear, “Excuse me?”

I grabbed a handful of bullets off the table and shoved them in my vest pocket. An involuntary groan escaped me when I opened the door of my RV to her Mate.

I thought about shooting Dragomir in the face when he calmly announced, “You can not shoot him, Florence.”

“You don’t get to tell me what to do. You lied to me. You lied to all of us. You’re lucky I know a bullet isn’t going to pierce your damn hide, or I’d shoot you too.”

Dragomir didn’t seem the least bit intimidated. He should have been because I meant every word.

I told the others it was suspicious a group of gargoyles just happened to ride up to our camp out of nowhere and not demand anything. Did they believe me? Not after Rin and Anne were claimed an hour after they climbed off their bikes. Everyone chucked it up to a happy twist of Fate.

I growled again in frustration when he calmly took my father’s rifle from my hands.

I leaned forward far enough to pull the door of my tiny home shut in his face. It lacked the drama of slamming a solid wood door, but it would have to do.

I muttered a curse when I realized Anna was on her knees picking up the bullets that rolled off the table.

“Anna just leave them. They won’t keep me safe if your Mate keeps my rifle. I’ll have to find something else to kill Him with.”

She shifted from the floor to the couch with a handful of useless ammo. “I don’t understand. All I said is the guys have a friend coming through here that wants to stop for a couple of nights named Rusher.”

I tightened my ponytail as I mentally ran through everything in my RV for another weapon and ignored her question. Of course, Anne wouldn’t understand. She spent her life safely behind her camera or working on her computer. She was never in an abusive relationship. She wasn’t branded some man’s property. She didn’t fight her way to freedom, only to be claimed a week later by another man.

“I don’t have time to go into it. Do you know when He is going to be here?”

“Tomorrow, I think.” Anne chewed her thumbnail. “I take it you know this guy?”

“If he is who I think he is then I met him once.”


I laid out several cooking knives, a crowbar, and a can of bear spray. I didn’t want to cook with a murder weapon, so they would be my last resort.

When I asked her thoughts on using bear spray on an elf, Anne finally left me alone to plot.

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