Fintastic Art

Fintastic Art

I have a friend on my beta team – Sharkey. Besides reading my books, going to school for her college degree, and slinging specialty drinks at my favorite coffee shop she draws some amazing pictures and has opened her own Etsy Store – Fintastic Art.

She started by drawing me a Mermaid for a series I’m planning, then she drew me a moon for another series I plan to write, now I have a witch just for me.

Look at that logo people, look at it! It’s me on a broom with a book casting my magic far and wide.

This is the mermaid she did for my Love in Salacia series that is going to start next January. How awesome is she?

If you want to get something custom drawn of your pet or an image for your website check out her Etsy Shop. This is one she did for someone’s pet! How cute would that look as a phone screen saver or printed and framed on your wall?

Click Here For Her Shop

BTWs … I’m not an affiliate and I won’t make a dime if you check out her shop. I just want to share the love for a great artist.

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