Finding My Writing Mojo

Finding my writing mojo for the last couple of weeks has been hard.  It started when Mermaid (my 4 year old) got a double ear infection and ended up in the ER at midnight, then spent a week at home sick.  Then I got an ear infection and was down for a week. I moved right into planning her birthday party with all of the joy that holds.

I have been doing a couple hundred words a day, planning some fun things for future books.  No matter what I do I can’t get into the groove.

Until this morning.  I was sitting down and writing out the bills for the month.  I pulled up my credit card bill to pay.  Boom.  I am completely motivated to finish Scarlett, get it out and then finish Sophie by the end of the month.

I was wrong – a fun motivational card on the bathroom mirror is not going to cut it.  A print out of my credit card bill – that is some serious motivation right there.


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