February Book FOMO List

I thought I would have so much extra reading time this month when I created the February Book FOMO List.

It is Girl Scout Cookie Season and Mermaid (my 6-year-old) signed up for a booth every weekend. I thought I’d be able to chill in the car and read while she sold cookies? Maybe sit in a lawn chair close by to keep an eye on things?

I was wrong. So wrong.

I am trying something new with February’s Book FOMO List. This month I am adding a category for ARC’s and Box Sets.

Remember I’m only sharing these with you because I want your TBR pile to be as big as mine. I don’t make a single penny or even get a free copy from sharing the books on this list.

ARC Copy

If you aren’t familiar with ARC Copies let me blow your mind. Some authors will let readers get a copy of their book before it is published. In return for the book the reader is expected to give an unbiased review.

The first ARC I’m going to share is on Story Origin. You will need to set up a free account on the site to request a copy.

Available Now

These are all available on Amazon, and most of them are in Kindle Unlimited.

Box Set

This box set has 24 different stories for $0.99. Sure it is just a preorder right now but it will be out in May. Perfect little bites of romance happiness to get you through the summer.

I know there are a few more books than normal in the February Book FOMO List, but I thought I would have all that cookie booth reading time.

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