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Cyborgs’ Claim




I have to admit in all the books that I have read I have never read a cyborg romance.  Not only a cyborg romance but a reverse harem to boot.  I had no idea what I have been missing. Cyborg’s Claim is amazing.

First lets talk about the author Michele Mills.  This is the first book of hers I have read and I am already on the second one.  She has 6 other books in two different series.  One is a 4 book series on alien bounty hunters.  The second is a post apocalypse series with two books.  All six of the books have a 4 star or higher rating on her Goodreads author page so I know they are going to be just as good.

Now lets get down to Cyborgs’ Claim.  There is just so much to talk about for this book there is so much to talk about – the characters and romance, the world, and the trigger of sexual violence.

The book is set in deep space in our current time line.  Mills has created an in depth world that has at least a dozen specific races and different areas of space.  They all have history and are so developed I would actually believe they are out there some where.  The story takes place in a region of space called the Swirl.  It is where people go in space to get off the grid.  To get there you have to get through 4 black holes and all kinds of obstacles.  Once your there you rarely leave.  The 3 guys escape there with thier sister.  Even though the place is remote and they have little contact with others the facility they build for themselves is state of the art.  They slowly add everything they can think of knowing that one day they will have a mate and children living there with them.  In the beginning has no frills but then again what do cyborgs need with end tables and a couch?

The characters are my favorite part.

Meghan was just living her life in Vegas going to school and working at Starbucks.  Then she is kidnapped by aliens sex slavers.  She experiences hell for a week before she is able to kill one of her abusers and blows up thier space ship.  She escaped in a pod and was found by the Cyborgs right before she died from lack of oxygen.  Her body is healed so she doesn’t have to deal with the physical pain of what happened but she has all the mental trauma and memories of her past week.

The Cyborgs are Steel, Axel, and Gage.  They were born human on New Earth.  When they were children they were taken and turned into cyborgs in different experiments.  They were all ‘upgraded’ in different ways and were abused differently as well.  The guys built a life for themselves on the edge of the Swirl recycling space junk.  They live in secret to hide from their captors and because cyborgs are considered illegal beings in the Four Secotrs of Space.  They know that because of their mental link they would never be able to find females for each of them and be able to live happily.  The way thier minds are connected they decided along time ago that they needed to find one woman they could all agree on to take as a mate and build a family with.  When the Guys rescue Meghan they all immediately know that she is going to be the woman they have been looking for.

Over the course of the book the romance between the four develop and it is going to get you.  Meghan has issues with being attracted to much less intimate with someone after what she just went through.  Never mind that she is immediately attracted to all three of them.  Mills takes you through all the layers of a human woman who is used to monogamous relationships adjusting to the reality of having 3 husbands at once.  I love the way that Mills writes Meghan’s struggles with how to handle the three guys plus adjusting to life in space and how they reassure and support her.  They let her take her time and never push.  Each guy is different in looks and personality but they all are so damn hot.  I can’t decide which one I like the best.  It might be Steele but I would have to read it again to decide for sure.

After I finished Cyborgs’ Claim at 2 am this morning I immediately downloaded Rayzor’s One to start reading this morning.


Trigger Warning:  

I do have one main thing you need to know before you read this novel.  It opens with her being sexually abused on the slaver ship.  Mills goes in to detail of the abuse Meghan endures and it is mentioned throughout the book.  If sexual assault or kidnapping are triggers for you please don’t read this book.  


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