I love romance novels.  Any genre.  Any time period.  Basically if the plot is bringing two people together.  There are some stories that I read at least once a year.  There are book series where I will reread each novel in order everytime a new one comes out.  Then there are books I forget about as soon as they are finished.  The one thing all the books I read have in common is I love to review them online and share my thoughts with people.
Before I had my daughter I belonged to a local book club.  Honestly it was a group of women (and 2 guys) who got together for a potluck dinner, some wine, some chatter, eventually we would talk about a book the host of the month picked out.  Sadly the band broke up while I was preggers, and I haven’t found another book club in real life.

These days I like to share my reviews on Amazon or Goodreads.  Sometimes Bookbub.  Normally I leave a star rating, however if the book deserves it I add a written review (avoiding spoilers of course!).

When I started writing my first series I orgininally called it the Somerset Series for the town it is based in.  As I developed the series outline I needed a way to bring the women in town together – women of different backgrounds, jobs, and ages.  The Curious Cat Book Club was born.

In the series they meet every Monday at 6 in the Black Cat Book Shop.  Someone brings the ‘mistake’ cakes from the bakery, someone brings the wine, and there is always finger foods left over from the caterer.  They pick a different author each month, then each woman reads what ever book strikes her fancy from the author’s back log.

I let a friend of mine read the first novel before I published it and she had the idea of creating a Curious Cat Book Club (CCBC) for my readers.  I am not going to lie I loved the idea so much I started a Facebook group on my phone right then.  Now that I am soooo close to publishing Scarlett I am setting up the CCBC Newsletter.

To get started I am going to send out a monthly newsletter to subscribers following the guidelines of my fictional book club.  I will pick an author a month, tell you which books I have read, if they are ones that I reread often, and any fun tidbits I can think of for the month.

Join the CCBC Facebook Group after you signup for the newsletter so you can talk about the books with other romance addicts.

**If you want me to feature an author leave a comment in the group and let me know!  I can’t promise all suggestions will be featured but you can still share your favorites with everyone!

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