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Curious Cat Book Club on Facebook

I had (what I think is) a brilliant idea while scrolling through my Facebook feed.  My favorite group I am in right now is a Kristen Ashley fan club.  Originally it was supposed to be so fans could talk to each other about her books.  She occasionally will pop in and surprise us.  But over the last year it has kind of blossomed into a big gab fest about everything.

We talk about our Hot Bunch Hubbies (the Hot Bunch is the group of men in her Rock Chick Series in Denver) and what they have done for us lately.  We share our trips out as Rock Chicks.  If we see a picture of a man we will share it and say which character we think he is.  Then once a week on a special magical day we get to recommend books that we have read that were written by someone else.  I love this day.  I find so many great books this way.  They always have a hot alpha who finds a good woman.  Most of them are funny, a few dark.  But they have all been awesome.

This week I am in a bit of a funk because the Holidays are coming.  I have the lists of things to do but being down with a kidney full of stones it is hard to get excited about digging the boxes out of the way far back corner of a stuffed garage to decorate,  trying to figure out how to cover up the paint swatch on my wall from months ago because I haven’t been able to paint the dining room, and all of the stress the holidays brings.  I wanted to find something new to take my mind off things for a little while.  I tried using the search engine on Amazon to find something, and couldn’t get anything worth looking at in the category to pop up.

Seriously Amazon there is no way a book about a billionaire stock broker in New York finding the love of his life at the charity ball has anything to do with a military romance.  Neither of them were in the military!  Have you noticed the crazy suggestions they come up with?  So I tried going to last week’s recommendation page and couldn’t find it.  Not going to lie I thought about giving up and rereading Little Women.  Instead I called my sister and complained to her that I needed something new to read.

I love her but she has 5 kids and no patience for me and my reading addiction.  She suggested I find a romance only book club on Facebook, join it and they would be able to recommend something.  Turns out there aren’t that many.  One for romance authors to share thier info and tips, a few for actual book clubs who meet in person, and a few who have 3 members and 2 posts a year.


Join Curious Cat Book Club Here!


So I made my own.  It is the Curious Cat Book Club on Facebook.  It is for people who love romance novels, want to talk about them without restriction, and know how to act like adults.  (You have to be 18 to get in because I know at some point we will be talking about sexy times in the books.)

I came up with the name through my Somerset Series (Scarlett will be out on January 1, 2019 on Amazon & Amazon Unlimited.).  The series is set in the small town of Somerset, GA.  But it focuses on the women in the Curious Cat Book Club who meet in Black Cat Books.  So what else would I name my online book club?


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