Creative Cussing in the South

Creative Cussing in the South

I am so close to publishing Scarlett I can taste it. I let a friend read it to give me some notes. Of course, she loved it. The one thing she thought was funny – Scarlett’s creative cussing.

Why is it funny? Because I cuss like a sailor on shore leave after one too many shots. I use all the normal ones. I use fun ones from England and Scotland. I have made up so many that I can use in front of my 5-year-old without worrying about her repeating them in her Christian school. It is so much easier to get away with calling a kid an ‘Individual’ on the playground than a mother trucker.

It was a hard decision to give Scarlett the no cussing quirk in her personality. The deciding factor was she is a school teacher. Sure she could cuss outside of school or in her head, but I couldn’t see her not slipping up at some point if she was cussing left and right.

Since writing Scarlett I am taking my creative cussing to the next level. If you have one you could say in front of your Grandmother leave me a comment below! You never know I could use it in a future book.

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