Author Interviews

I love finding new authors to binge read. Because I’m so nosy I started doing Author Interviews so I could really get to know the authors I love reading.

To help you find new authors to love I created this crazy author interview series. (And so I can meet the people who write the books I love!) Look for new interviews on the 1st and 15th of every month.

The only requirement for me to interview an author is they have to write romance. I don’t care about the heat level, genre, theme – any book where I get a happily ever after at the end counts.

The authors all answer the same 10 Nosy Questions, tease us with their new books, and drop the links to follow them online.

There is a chance for random book giveaways in the future so check back every month!

Author Interviews

Shelly Ferguson

Nikki Lewis

Michelle Ziegler

Zoey Indiana

Rhylee Davidson

Tamara Rokicki

J.D. Monroe

Cecelia Mecca

L. Danvers

Valia Lind

Liza Street

Zoe Ashwood

LG Castillo

Scarlett West

Heather MacKinnon

KC Freeman

Clara Winter

McKenna Dean

Amanda V Shane

Jessica Gleave

S Cinders

Cassie Laelyn

Upcoming Authors

03/15/20  Kyra Fox

04/1/20  Lawrence Hall

04/15/20  **OPEN**

05/01/20  Miri Stone

05/15/20  KO Newman

* Disclaimer *

I do not receive any kind of payment for featuring these authors. Not a thing. I also don’t pay them a thing. I am just an author supporting other authors.