Crazy Cat Book Club

While writing my first series – Somerset – I designed my perfect small town hidden in the Georgia mountains.  It has everything I would wish for in a tiny town, and a few things I don’t but just have to be there.

My favorite part is the book store – Black Cat Books.  It has everything romances, mysteries, how-tos, spell books, even a token book on housekeeping.  The shelves are all a deep oak, the club chairs a soft chocolate canvas, and the register is an antique that dings.  A few years ago (in the books) they bought a storefront next door and opened a little coffee shop in the back that makes the whole place smell like warm cookies and delicious coffee.

Once a week the Crazy Cat Book Club gets together to talk about romance novels while eating sweets that were snuck out of the town bakery. I remember how much fun it was to hang out with my book club and talk about novels while eating cookies. 

On the 25th of each month, I will post a round-up of books I added to my TBR pile that month (some new releases, some oldies) all in the romance genre – paranormal, fantasy, historical, or contemporary. I can’t even tell you what could be on there – cowboys, teachers, soldiers – I mean there are just so many! Sure I write romance on the sweeter side of things but the books on my TBR pile cover the full range of heat. 

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