I love reading. If I have a choice of going to Disney World or reading a new novel by one of my favorite authors. I am going to park my butt on a bench out side the café in France (the best bakery in Epcot) with my Kindle and tell the family to go have fun. I love reading romance novels from all the different genres. The trouble is I have reached Hubby’s quota of talking about romances. So I need somewhere to talk about all the Books I Love.


There are going to be two types of posts shared here.  First there are going to be Roundups.  A round up is a list of books that have something in common that I think you are going to like.  Now I am going to be honest I read a lot but there are books out there I haven’t even heard of.  So when I write a roundup I am going to include books that friends have recommended to me for the list.  I am going to vet them and make sure they have great reviews and are on topic, but this way we all get to discover something new together.  The second is Single Book Reviews.  I recently signed up to be on the ARC review teams for a few indie authors and for Net Galley.  I love to read all the romance genres and this is a great way to get to know authors and help them with thier writing careers.  If you already leave reviews on Amazon, Good Reads or where ever why not do it with a purpose?


To be honest there are books that I don’t like and just can’t finish for one reason or another. I am not going to tell you about those here. There is enough negativity on the internet I don’t need to add to it. I do have a shelf on Goodreads where I tag books that I just couldn’t finish for one reason or another so there is proof I don’t love every book I read.


If you are a book fan and have a book you think I need to read or want to talk about shoot me an email to shellyfergusonauthor@gmail.com. If your a new author and want me to read and review your book shoot me an email! I will read it and give an honest review. New authors have to stick together!



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