Book FOMO – May 2019

Are you suffering from Book FOMO?

Well power up your e-reader, grab your snack, feed the cat, and get ready to read. 

These are the books that were added to my evergrowing TBR pile this month!

*None of these are affiliate links. I haven’t received anything for these books to be on my list – not even a free copy. I just want to make sure everyone’s TBR list is as long as mine.

How can you not want to read about a woman who has to make her first love remember her while plotting to take down a God?

If you can’t find at least one story in this set I don’t know what to tell you.

A Harpy falls for a bear shifter while dodging a yeti, fending off an eagle shifter, and battling dragons. Boom.

One night in a bar she found her man. Then she found out she was born a Mage, was descended from a Goddess, and was the only hope to kill a God. I bet she just wanted a drink.

Kayla waited months for Parker to notice her. He fought it until he thought she moved on. Now he had to figure out how to get her back.

If you like Ruthless Fighter check back on September 15, 2019 when Liza Street answers my 10 Nosy Questions for Authors!

Want to know what happens when a dragon puts his foot in his mouth? Then has to work his way back in? Hint – it’s worth the read.

If you like Dragon’s Secret check back on July 15, 2019 when J.D. Monroe answers my 10 Nosy Questions for Authors!

Could you choose between living forever but losing everything important to you or dying? I know which way I would go, do you?

This is a follow up to Curses and Crowns. Danielle has to choose between feeding or dying while Aiden is losing his grip.

Guess what? L. Danvers is going to answer the 10 Nosy Questions for Authors on August 15, 2019!

I have read every book she has written. Just take my word for it and read this one. Then go back to read the rest of the series. Then go back and read EVERYTHING!!!! If you need to know about this book, in particular, it is a second chance romance with two people who both think they are unsalvageable.

I have a dream that TS Joyce will one day answer my 10 Nosy Questions! Fingers crossed people! Fingers crossed!

Good luck reading all of it before I come post my list next month!

If you know of a romance dropping next month leave me a comment below so I can check it out!!

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