Book FOMO – July 2019

Welcome to the middle of summer. Some of you are floating in the pool with a frosty drink and soaking up the rays. Some of you are hiding from your kids in your bedroom closet trying to eat that bite size snickers before they can track you down and demand one too.

No matter how your summer is going you can always use a new book to read to help you escape.

Buckle up buttercup things are about to get real.

I read this one the morning it came out. I loved it. I can’t give you spoilers but you get two hot dragon romances in an awesome world where spankings are common. The heat in this book will melt the ice in your sweet tea if you set it to close!

Hot merman getting ready for war — boom. Perfect for those floating in the pool!

If you know me you know TS Joyce is my favorite author for all things shifter. This is her newest book. It’s about a gator shifter! I have it loaded up on my Kindle for a train ride. I’m so stinking excited.

A woman torn between two hot shifters while trying to fight against a prophecy. This is the second book in the series based on the love triangle. Not going to lie looking forward to seeing what happens in this book!

Vampires, shifters, twins on the run in New Orleans. You are gonna want to read this one after you get the kids in bed with a nice glass of wine!

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