This site chronicles the journey of a romance novel addict becoming a romance author. I will share tips and tricks for others wanting to write their own novels, as well as the novels I have been reading.

I have been reading romance novels since I snatched the first one from my mother’s nightstand at 12. I love all the different plots, characters and genres. My favorite genre is Supernatural Romance. After reading over a thousand of these books I have started creating my own world. It is a world of shifters, witches, gargoyles and elves. There are soul mates who find and bond to each other. There are those who believe they do not deserve their soul mates and fight their destiny. There is danger and there is fun. There are love scenes so hot you need to keep a fire extinguisher handy.

Now that I have my fictional world created, I have half a dozen couples banging around in my head wanting their story told first. I have it narrowed down to two stories to start with but I can’t decide who gets to go first.

This website is going to be where I chronicle my journey to becoming a romance author. I will share tips and tricks that I discover on the way to help other beginner authors on their journey. I will ask for opinions when I get stuck. I am also going to share the books and authors I read that I love the most. I am going to shoot for a round up every month based on a theme – a job, a location, second chances, the list just keeps going. If there is a book you want reviewed, or a theme you want a round up on let me know! I have to tell you ahead of time I will not read horror, true crime, or anything I need to have therapy for.

Happy Reading!

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