April’s Flash Fiction

April’s Flash Fiction

This month I stuck with Lara and her dating issues. Read on to see what happened after that first cup of tea.

I chewed on my thumbnail with my phone pressed to my ear as I waited for Cila to pick up.

“What’s up, Buttercup?”

“What exactly was in the tea I drank?”

“A little of this, little of that, and a pinch of magic, why?”

“Things are happening. Very weird things.”


“Seriously weird, Cila.”

“Like an alien popping out of your stomach weird?”

“No, like a cop was writing a ticket when I went to my car. But when I said hello he tore it up, told me I looked pretty, and asked if I had dinner plans. Then every light was green on my way home.”

“Not so weird. Your adorable, and you only go through three lights between the shop and the house.”

“That’s not the weirdest part.”

“Okay. I’ll bite. What was the weirdest part? You didn’t have to iron your dress?”

“Of course, I have to iron my dress. At least, I think so. I haven’t checked.” I cut my eyes to my bedroom like I would be able to see my dress through the walls. “Forget about the dress. There was a van full of people waiting for me when I got home.”

“Was it a van full of singing nuns?”

I huffed out a breath in frustration. Ever since she saw the movie The Hitman’s Bodyguard, her life’s dream was to get picked up by a van full of singing nuns while hitchhiking.

“No. These were people in suits, with balloons, and a big-ass cardboard check.”

“I don’t get it.”

“I won the Publisher’s Clearing House giveaway.”

“Shut your mouth.”

“That’s what I told the lady when she rushed to meet me at the door! But it’s true. I get five grand a week till I die, then I get to pass it on to someone else.”

“You’re serious?”

“Want me to send you a picture of the check?”

I switched to my other thumbnail when Cila didn’t say anything. I checked my screen to make sure we hadn’t been disconnected when I heard a clunk on her side of the phone. I rolled my eyes as she yelled to Bailey she had some explaining to do.

There was some shuffling, some cursing, followed by, “Okay, you’re on speaker.”

“Hey, Bailey.”

“What’s the matter, didn’t the tea work?”

“I’m not sure. What exactly was the first tea supposed to do?”

“What do you mean ‘what was it supposed to do?’ Did you turn green or something?”

I checked the back of my hands to make sure before I answered. “No, nothing like that. I just was wondering.”

“It’s a magic tea, Lara. It relies on the powers of the universe and blind faith to work. If you’re questioning it then it isn’t working.”

“Umm, I’m pretty sure it is. I was just…”

“If it’s working, why are you calling me to complain?”

“I’m not complaining. I was just wondering what it was supposed to do. Exactly.”

“You’re ruining the fun of it.”

“Bailey, I got out of a ticket with nothing but a smile and hit every green light on the way home. The Publisher Clearing House people just handed me a check, and I feel like I should buy a lottery ticket. It’s definitely working. I just didn’t think I would get this much luck.”

I pushed off the couch and headed for my bedroom when Bailey told me to give her a second. I tripped over a shoe and landed on my face next to my bed. Fear that I killed the magic by questioning it gripped me until I saw something shiny near the headboard. I squealed from happiness light from my phone screen glinted off a small stone.

Last year I lost a diamond pendant my mother gave me for my birthday when I was 21. I looked everywhere for it. I even offered a reward at some of the local shops thinking I lost it while running errands. There it sat, waiting for me to fall on my face and find it.

Questioning my good luck didn’t kill it like Bailey threatened it would.

I jumped when Bailey’s voice came through the speaker on my phone. “Don’t be alarmed, but there may have been a minor accident when Cila made your cup of tea.

Why do people tell someone not to be alarmed before they tell them something terrible? It never worked.

“What do you mean ‘don’t be alarmed’?” I placed the diamond necklace on top of my dresser before it could get lost again. “Of course I’m alarmed. You just told me you made a mistake when you mixed my tea!”

“Not a mistake. An accident.”

“Po-tate-o, po-tot-o.”

“Don’t talk to me about potatoes; they have nothing to do with this. The accident was I mixed the wrong mushroom in your tea. I meant to add one to calm you down, but I put in Glowing Cap. Think of it like a genie wanting to grant wishes.”

“Are you telling me I’m super lucky right now?”

“Pretty much.”

“Oh hell. I’m gonna buy a lottery ticket after all.”

“No. Don’t get greedy. You already won money. Go for something else. If Karma thinks you’re being greedy she’ll make it all backfire.”

I paced my small bedroom as I tried to think of what I wanted more than winning the lottery. A good first date would be perfect. A better job would be optimal. Wishing for world peace would have been useless. No one was that lucky. Ideas rolled through my head so fast I couldn’t sort through them all.

“Okay. No lottery ticket, but I can’t think of anything else to shoot for so I’ll just take whatever comes my way. Right? That’s not being greedy.”

“That sounds good. Don’t forget to buy me something pretty when you get your first check.”

“Honey, you are gonna get the prettiest teacup ever made. That’s less than a thousand dollars when I get my first check.”


You want a cup of tea now don’t you?

Well, I can’t give you the recipe but I can give you the link to my fellow Wild At Heart Flash Fiction authors. Spoiler alert I’ve read all of them and they are so good this month. I am starting a chant in the chat group for several of hem to be turned into a book.

They are all on Instagram and you can find a link to thier stories there.

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