A Realization & A New Blog

For a while now I have been trying to write a romance novel that I plan to self publish.  I have the plots for at least 6 books in a paranormal romance series that I want to write.  I have fleshed out the main characters, the world they live in, all the way back to where their society and beliefs came from.  I have started a draft of the first novel several times I just keep coming to a block.

I am sure it is the same block all new writers come to.  Is my novel going to be good enough for strangers to want to read it?  Is any one going to read it? Maybe it is better to just keep it all in my head and never let it out.  But today while working on another blog I have I had a realization.  I am good enough and so is my writing.  I just need to get it down on paper and then send it out into the world.

That leads us to this little blog.  For now it is going to be a form of accountability for myself.  I am just going to be putting up weekly updates of my progress for now, and I will share any writing development tools I find.  Then one day when I publish my first novel I will start talking about my novels and have a book list.  You know just like a best seller does – because I will be a best seller!

So buckle up Buttercup, things are about to get real.



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