9 Essentials For A Cozy Reading Nook

9 Essentials For A Cozy Reading Nook

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One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year is to create a reading nook for myself. I know it sounds crazy that a woman who reads over 300 books a year doesn’t have a reading nook. I have a great chair, a cozy blanket I crocheted, and a cat to cuddle me while I read.

I started reading the Little Book of Hygge last month and I am so in love with the whole concept. The Danish have a word for what I want to create. It is called a hyggekrog (hoogacrow). It is a funny word but they describe it as a nook where one can sit and have a hyggelig time. Seriously. Don’t you want to have a hyggelig time?

This is my Hyggekrog wish list. There is a blanket that I think is gorgeous, to bad I crocheted mine already. Everything else should be on its way to me as soon as the Amazon elves box it up and smack a label on it.

How cute is this bookmark? A little Nessie floating around the top of your book. If you aren’t obsessed with Scotland like I am they also have a shark and a hippo.

If you want a bookmark that is a little more stylish try these carved wood markers. They have sets of 2 – 4 that come in pretty box you can keep them in – you know if you ever have them out of a book.

This blanket is thick, soft and so yummy. It is a huge arm knit blanket made out of 100% merino wool is perfect for cuddling and reading all afternoon. One note before you spend all that money – these blankets are not for people with cats who claw up blankets, or toddlers who would stick thier little hands in the loops and pull it apart.

I am a sucker for a buck wheat pillow. You can use it as a book prop, squish it around when you lay crazy on the couch. This one you can even take on trips.

This pillow case is perfect for me. Belle is my favorite princess. She was a woman who didn’t care that her family wasn’t rich or what all of those crazy people in her village said. She did her thing and read her books. Beast is the reason I am obsessed with shifter romances. I am not even going to try and pretend otherwise. There is one sticker on my laptop; want to guess who it is? If you aren’t sure about having something so quirky in your living room remember it is just a pillow!

A cup of cocoa is always nearby when I sit down to read. Half the time I forget about it because I am wrapped up in the book until it is cold, but that is how you know it is a good book right? You could drink your cocoa from that free mug you got from the insurance company or a cute mug like this.

The Literary Journey is something I already have. I love it. I track all of my books in GoodReads, but the ones I want to read again I put in here.

One thing I am excited about is an essential oil diffuser. The last time I owned a diffuser it was a little plastic egg that wasn’t pretty in any way. You put the oil on a cotton pad and the fan was so loud people thought my fridge was broken. This is so far past that little thing it isn’t even funny. It is supposed to be silent and run for 13 hours before turning itself off.

I already have these and they are always near me when I am reading. I can pop one in while I read to drown out my daughter’s cartoons or Hubby’s cooking competitions so I can concentrate on my book. I originally bought them for the gym, but if I am honest I read way more than I exercise.

These are the nine things that I will get to set up my reading nook so I can have a hyggelig time. If you have something amazing I should add to my hyggekrug leave me a comment so I can add it.

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