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5 Pro Football Romances

I have to admit that I love watching the rough sports – Hockey, Rugby, and Football are my three favorite team sports to watch.  I love watching huge men basically beat the crap out of each other for a little ball of air and bragging rights.  I want to share my favorite 5 Pro Football Romances.

I originally made a list of 17 football romances for both pro and college for my life style blog –  I am moving all of my writing and book round ups to this site so I want to give you an abbreviated version here of my top 5 Pro Football Romances.  If you want to read the original article with all of the recommendations click here.






Beauty and the Blitz

This is my favorite football romance ever.  When Beauty and the Beast came out when I was a kid it changed my life.  A. It made me want to find a guy who could give me that library (even as a kid I loved books). B. Beast was a hottie – 70% of all romances I read are shifter romances.  I wonder why?

Now this story by Sosie Frost doesn’t have a shifter but it has an alpha male who lives in a castle and literally breaks men’s backs on the football field.  She is a single mother with a small kid and no family or friends that help her.  He wants to take care of her but doesn’t think that he is able to, and she wants to teach him how to actually have a life and be a member of society.  There are bumps on thier road to romance – he rips a doorbell off the wall of his house, baby proofing that goes horribly wrong, and an evil football association president that must be defeated.  If you only read one football romance in your life it needs to be this book.



The Wall Of Winnipeg and Me

I love Mariana Zapata and all of the different books she rights.  She is one of the few authors I read who does not produce series.  This novel is about a linebacker who is basically a vegetarian hermit and his assistant.  After two years of taking care of him 24/ 7 she has enough and quits.  Then he has that great awakening moment that he can’t live without her.  There are some twists and turns but it will end how you want it to I promise.


This is the first book in the Irresistible Bachelors Series by Lauren Landish.  It was the first book of hers I read and I love it.  It is about a football star who is an internet sensation for something that has nothing to do with football.  Go ahead and take a guess based off the title I will wait.  Now he wants to hedge his bet and add movie star to his resume.  When he gets to the small town the movie is being filmed in he runs into the hotel maid. This is a Cinderella story that I actually like.


Match Me If You Can

This is book 6 in the Chicago Stars series by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.  Yep a whole series based on a football team in Chicago.  Out of the seven books in the series this one is my favorite.  I know that it doesn’t actually focus on a player but it counts because he is an agent for the player in the book before.  I love it because a quirky chick takes down a rich alpha man.


The Perfect Play 

This is the first book in the Play By Play Series by Jaci Burton.  A friend recommended it when I told her I was doing the original book round up and I loved it.  I actually read it in one night.  It is a pretty sweet book, he was a player and she is a single mother of a teenage son.  They met at an event she planned.  He locked onto her and decided that she was going to be it for him.  She didn’t believe him and thought it was a bit ridiculous.  I love it when the guy has to work to convince the heroine that he is interested and it would be so great between them.





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