10 Things I Could Do Rather Than … Wait for Surgery

I sat for a few hours in an uncomfortable bed waiting for my turn in surgery I had time to think of anything I would rather be doing than sitting there. I had so long in fact that after I thought up my list. I had the time to type it out. With one finger on my iPhone tilted sideways with my left hand because the IV was in the back of my right hand. It was some serious time.

1. I would rather clean a bathroom with vinegar and a toothbrush than sit in that bed.

2. I could volunteer for a screening of a new documentary that covered the life span of a spec of dirt.

3. I could teach myself Klingon.

4 I could start a support group for women who can’t get over the fact they aren’t allowed to wear costumes to Disney parks.

5. I could read the entire set of Encyclopedia Brittanica. To bad it is out of print

6. I could shave grizzly bears for surgery.

7. I could finally beat that last level of Peggle. I’ve been trying for three years.

8. I could teach myself how to rebuild a car.

9. I could figure out what exactly Sheldon and Amy won the Nobel Prize for.

10. I could watch every episode of Beat Bobby Flay to study his weaknesses, so I could tell my Hubby what he should make when he goes on the show to guarantee a win. (Note: Hubby will never actually go on the show he is an engineer, not a chef.)


I came up with more things that I would rather do than sit there waiting for surgery but those are, well, a little deranged. So I am going to keep those to myself.


What would you rather do instead of waiting for 4 hours in a paper gown on a hard bed for surgery?  Leave me a comment below, I will pick the best one and feature it on my Instagram!

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